Friday, March 22, 2013

mayyn meal - Barchetta

Before we get started, I should declare that I love this place. Nearly everything about it, except possibly  the sometimes slow service. BUT the vibe, culture, people, and food here is lovely.

a green juice to start the early morning. for my second visit here for brunch. i am usually too late to catch their early brunch hours even on weekends. so I make do with lunch at times if they aren't too crowded in that small space or leave and be a wee bit disappointed for the day.

amazing views as we eat out on the deck.

Spiced corn, pea and coriander fritters with smoked salmon and poached eggs.

it was very flavourful, the whole plate. it looks pretty darn amazing too. taste wise is actually not too bad, I can taste the spices. Just looking at it is making me so hungry at the moment. I love corn fritters  as a brekkie idea and this is one that is chocked full of ingredients. not the best fritters i have had but it is right up there.

my friend had the spicy vegetable omelette with a side of mushrooms. she was not a big fan of this dish unfortunately so we split halfsies on our meal. I quite like it because well, I like vegetables and i like the spicy green chilli hit in each mouthful. it is definitely healthy! the omelette is not smooth or eggy much but i like the overall 'coarseness' of it.  

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from my first time making it in time for their brunch, the crab omelette. real crabmeat, I am impressed but that omelette felt abit flat. not fluffy enough! but love the 'sauce' it came with.

Their crab spaghettini was also quite good and filling though a wee bit salty. 

Frites always yummy.

and their fig icecream is to die for...

Definitely a place I go back to time and again.

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