Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Alright, I know. I was all up to date then went off the grid so now I am in yet another backlog period.
Anyhow, have been pretty quiet on the social front because my galpal has been busy studying and working. Joys of a working adult. Not I am not one, but I have a different kind of job. I can't say it is my passion in life but it for sure beats a 9-5 kind of life.

On one of my last dinners with her before she turned into a hermit, we went for an early dinner to Jamie's and this is what I pulled together in a last-minute frenzy.


Used the back alley where I parked for a backdrop with its graffiti-ridden walls. Loved how the sunlight bounces off my hair and it looking fabulously streaked brown. Though in truth, my hair has never seen hair dye before.

Close up of the pleather boobtube top I got from a Supre online spree two years ago in my stress frenzy. It is definitely too big for me and even after alteration, it doesn't fit right. It hung in my closet for so long until that evening I wore it out for the first time and it started to crack. Only good for one wear. OH WELL.

Would have been good for cool autumn days and I can rock a new trend casually. Had to bin it because the cracks started falling all over my carpet.

Back to the fabulous outfit it contributed to: The top from Supre. The skirt was from Union Mall in Bangkok. I absolutely adored the print when I first saw it in Platinum but didn't get. So I spent the next few days looking for it and finally came across it in Union Mall so I waited till the shop opened and got it. It is true blue shopaholism dedication right there.

The shoes from New Look, simple black pumps that I put in my car for crisis! the silver clutch from Portsman and the necklace from Lovisa. I know it is not very obvious here but I also wore my new bright pink NARS lippie which I absolutely adore.

took us awhile and many photos later to finally leave the alley for dinner because I felt fat in most of the photos or the sunlight was not helping in many cases. GOSH, how do those style bloggers do it?

Anyway, I got one of my favourite compliments ever with this outfit. Because a waiter at jamie's told me the outfit reminded him of Carrie Bradshaw. And he was gay too. A girl cannot receive any much higher praise. And we all know gays have fab tastes ;) 

(instagram @mayyb)

trying to work this skirt into a day wear suitable for uni. just a simple off shoulder top I got from Hong Kong's Espirit about ten years ago and to this day survives impeccably. 

And I part with this photo message: End Animal Cruelty

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