Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Well I am certainly a little late with blogging as I have been busy obviously. Though I should try not to backlog so bad. My birthday is in May which is abit of a no-brainer given that's my name.

I haven't spent alot of my birthdays with my loved ones and family because I am usually away and unable to find a way home for that day itself. So this year is no different. Except sis was here a week before and she came bearing gifts :)

What a lovely surprise! Not one but two! I kept one for the actual day itself so I have something to look forward to then...

Sis and Mum chose this beautiful Balmain watch for me and truly the design is exquisite. I cannot believe I got this, its so pretty!!!

A Chanel birthday card from Chanel SG, would have liked it abit more personalised but good effort.
Dad got me a little Chanel something too but I waited to open this one.

As I can not really wait very well, I opened this one which I got for myself in March but saved it for May so it makes abit more sense. I kinda wished I got the bracelet too, so kicking myself for missing out on that.

Pretty no?

And finally the day came by and I opened this up while having breakfast.

As usual, Dad made a really good choice (though apparently sis wants to claim it as her idea). Very pretty and simple and I really need to wear it again. I only wore it once that very day so far.

And of course wearing it on the day itself, it took me awhile to figure it out and how to wear it!

One of my other phd mates baked this lovely chocolate cake for me. It was very very sweet of her to do that for me.

Definitely very rich and dense. I quite liked it =)

I am a very lucky girl indeed. I do wished I have my family round but I know I get them next year.
After all that cake, I fell asleep at 8pm on my birthday after a day in uni and woke up after a 12 to 14 hour sleep. Not too shabby?

Some parting words for y'all

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