Monday, August 5, 2013

mayyn meal - Clipper's Cafe (Sydney)

After a very busy morning, we settled into a slightly less busy afternoon. We visited the Glebe markets for a bit before deciding it was a little too hippy for us. So we stopped at Clipper's Cafe for brunch.

I think this is my favourite corner of the place.

My very funny girls.

Me and my chai tea and milk. I loved the whole experience of straining it for myself. I love the understated aroma and taste of chai.

I needed those shades for my massive eyebags.

Simple avocado on toast for Rachel. The tangy lemon brought out the avocado flavour very well.

My sister had the mushrooms and eggs on toast. It was very simple and quite delicious. I love the chutney atop the poached eggs. Not a big fan of the yellow coating over the mushrooms. 

Overall, a very simple, down-to-earth, fuss-free, no-frills cafe for friends to catch up with one another. I like the decor and sunlight filled room.

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