Monday, August 5, 2013

Coffee at Cafe Shenkin (Sydney) before some nylon madness

We dropped by at 6ish am in the morning for a quick coffee takeaway at Newtown before we spent the next few hours queuing and shifting through nylon at the Black Milk sample sale.


I barely had five hours of sleep and caffeine was HIGH on that list. So to have had the smooth skinny latte provided by the barista and the good aroma of coffee beans, I survived the day better.

Definitely worth going for the takeaway coffee and I liked how they were open to cater to sleepy humans like me that early on a Saturday.

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Aside from all the coffee talk, here're some photos of my very first Black Milk experience.

Our first night of buys - Friday.

Saturday morning. Look at them legs. Sexy ladies.

It was 20 minutes of mayhem. My arm was so sore. But I could spend all day in there.

Though abit more light will be good, dear jL.

My sister the first BM fan between us two and the one who dragged me up at 430am to go queue for this.

Presenting to you, the Emperor himself...jL.

girls just digging themselves into the nylon and forming a very comfortable home.

happy girl! we got wayy too many (and not enough) for our own good.

LOL, instagram?

Our loot on day 2.

and this is me hyped up on adrenaline, lack of sleep some caffeine and alot of nylon fumes.

Anyway that arm workout and hype got me thoroughly obsessed with the brand. I now have spent undisclosed monies on old discontinued stuff and new in-store items. I have learnt the lingo of the world of Black Milk, I have met fabulous girls where I lived and chatted with some from other parts of the world. I am a full-fledged sharkie. And lastly, I am in the throes of redefining my closet into a very blackmilk-oriented one. 

Kinda wished I found you earlier, BM. Cannot wait for the Perth's mega meetup with jL and Cam soon. For now, I continue to meet new Perth sharkies and touch nylon-clad legs. Yes, leg-touching is normal y'all Muggles.

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