Sunday, August 18, 2013

mayyn meal - Typika

Its high time I blog about this awesome place in Claremont! I have been recommending this to so many friends and people ever since I have been...

Just across Claremont Quarter and round the back of the seafood place.

Cannot be missed for sure!

Waiting area for when it gets busy. Both times Ive been, the place have been crowded but no need to really wait as the place can sit quite a few people. 

Another cafe with a Sydney/Melbourne cafe feel.

I love the fitout and decor of the place, the industrial look is so chic!

yet to try that delicious looking display of cakes. I will, one day.

roasting their beans on site.


big space, can you tell?

I went for lunch the first time round and had the pulled pork buns.

I absolutely love the little handfuls! THEY ARE SO FLAVOURFUL and amazing.

Mmmmmmmhmmmmmm, want some now for sure. And I knew I had to return for breakfast which I did a few weeks later with sis and her friend...


Cool lamps ;)

Open concept kitchen

Friend had tea served up in such a cute flat pot

Coffee is very good and you should not be surprised because well they roast their own. It was robust and full-bodied. My favourite kind.

It was good having sis in town because when I cant decide what to get, I get to have both! 
She ordered the French Toast with salted caramel and maple glazed bacon.

This is JUST AMAZING. The caramel is perfectly balanced and the toast is soft and the whole combination is to-die-for.

Me and my spiced baked eggs and beans. I cant eat quail eggs so I had the chef put in normal eggs instead. I loved it and the bread to soak it all up. Definitely good spice mix and flavour there.

Her friend had the mushroom filled crepe.

Inside the crepe was generously stuffed assorted mushrooms with creamy feta cheese.

It is healthy and worked well altogether.

Overall, a perfect breakfast to start any day with.

Would I return? In a heartbeat! For breakfast!!!

Lunch, I kind of preferred more options or fuller or bigger plates of food. But still good quality and flavours being put up!

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