Monday, August 5, 2013

mayyn meal - Adriano Zumbo at The Star (Sydney)

Be prepared for an avalanche of photos. I was so overwhelmed to be at one of Adriano Zumbo's patisserie. He is definitely one of my food idols and to get the chance finally to taste some of his creations, its a dream. I have been watching masterchef alot through the years and he is also pretty easy on the eye no? ;)

We visited the one at The Star hotel.

Look at the large pink store space. Here's photos of all the cakes on offer that day.

I am completely devastated that I could not have all of them. Its not because I dont have the stomach space (weight is so not my concern at that point), its because I have a very unsupportive sister for it. WHAT.

And also I could not find a way to bring them back to Perth. Apparently too delicate to survive the flight back. Sighs, AZ, please open up here. PLEASE. I want to try your Zonuts :(

I love Zumbo. And the neon pink signs have no impact on me at all, I am lying.

We went for the dessert train! What an amazing idea. Instead of sushi, give me desserts. YEAH!

Love the decor, so cute!

if I could steal the wallpaper home. Instead it is just my phone's wallpaper for now...

seriously, how would u choose? I would have had everything if my sister wasn't there to stop me.

even the bottle and cup are pink. I am in heaven.

Not a fan of orange-chocolate combi usually, but I like the smooth quenelle and the tart could have been more buttery. Overall, not a bad choice to have. It does a good job of not overdoing the sweet and chocolate. And leaves you enough room to go forth for more...

The best choice I made that day was to have this $1.50 cone of Blueberry Muffin icecream. If I had a pint of this in my fridge, any breakup or sad glee episode would have been alot more bearable.

I can taste bits of muffin and the ice-cream is out of this world in terms of staying true to flavour. Amazing. Its like eating my favourite flavoured muffin each bite into this...

Definitely not my favourite choice but well, had to let the other girls choose something hahaha. It isn't the most fantastic thing to have but the combination does certainly taste good together.

Had the seasonal cake which is quite nice but nothing to blow my mind away. I think the ice-cream set the bar quite high.

Pastries? I was vetoed. Sighs.

If only I baked...

Love the giant bathtub filled with chocolates. I would do that to my tub.

Hot boys serving macarons up? Yes please.

I could only get one box. Its so unfair being micro-managed.

I absolutely love the flavour combinations the guy dreams up of. My favourite is the popcorn macaron which is to-die-for. The rest were quite alright and unique in their own way. However I found the shells to be abit too crunchy and full. Not light and airy like it should be... I dont mind the bite but really isnt how a macaron should be.

I leave you with the great big sign. and in answer to questions of is it worth the hype? Yes, it is still an experience to be had.
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