Sunday, November 11, 2012

mk ootd

I just got a new phone, from Blackberry to a Samsung S3. I am having a heck lot of fun playing on intstagram (username @mayyb). My friends think I am spamming, OOPs. sorry kiddos. Anyways, it kinda have been motivating me to actually dress well and post outfit of the day photos. LOL. well, have to start wearing the clothes in my closet.

Anyhow, here is one of my first few OOTD photos.

Photo credits:

The white dress is actually Mum's, but she did get it on one of her trips down here to Perth. I don't have that many clothes left in SG so had to raid my sis and mum's closets. Anyway, its from Roads the shop but the brand is Blush. 

I actually got so dressed up because I was having a splurge night with a girlfriend. We went to Ku De Ta for dinner and then drinks. Got some dancing on before I met another friend at Mink at Pan Pacific for more drinks and loud music.

Hmmm, I paired the white dress with a new necklace I got from Bangkok on a recent trip. These statement necklaces are really one of the hottest accessories trends now eh? and I wore my Anna Sui lipgloss ring sis got for one of my birthdays... handy for touch ups. and I wore my Prada stilettos which also supported me through a massive night out in Florence Italy too... it's a stylish trouper. And lastly, the bag is Louis Vuitton and borrowed from mama's bagcloset. Thankful for my hair which led me to being incredibly lazy to style it at all. I just let it fall straight.

Perhaps I cannot really title these things Mayy's Closet anymore can I?

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