Thursday, November 29, 2012

M's Food Find #82

Ahhh, now back to the culinary scene of Singapore.

Found next to Wimbly Lu and on the same row of shops like the Italian eatery La Pizzaiola as featured previously here, we have The Fat Cat.

Tucked away at the end of the row of shophouses at Jalan Riang, this cafe brings together indian food, thai food and simple french fare.

Generally I am not impressed with places that offers such assortment and no focus.

Sis had this, good for the humid weather I would say.

I craved for my french onion soup but such disappointment. Like drinking pepper soup really. Quite bland too.

we ended up ordering mostly indian curries and tandoori chicken. The curries were watery and bland. Not much flavour there. and definitely just not worth it.

The papadum were abit flat. The chicken was ok, could be better. Nothing to shout about. 

Abit sad to say this stuffed tofu dish from the Thai corner is the best thing we had. And it really isnt that much, Just that the tofu was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. One cannot really go wrong there.

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so we wanted the bailey's gelato but it was sold out. So we got a brownie instead. Which looks quite pathetic. It was warmed up but really I can bake better brownies.

The prices were just not justifiable given the standard of food. In fact, I will never return. And I dont know who would pay any kind of money for substandard food. We live in Singapore where the hawker centres really do offer wayy better quality even.

Tough luck fat cat, get off your fat arse and maybe work the brains out abit to see how to improve.

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