Tuesday, November 27, 2012

M's Food Find #80

I go to this place really often for brunch. The chef recognises my father who really visits once every year. HAH.

But I really liked the local surfer beach vibe. and right on the Cottesloe Beach strip, the view is great too.

Beaches Cafe on Marine Parade. I have tried quite a few of their items and you order at the counter. Great coffee. and oh, cash only!

My favourite has to be their oven baked open faced omelette. It takes some time to serve up but the wait is so worth it. It used to come served in the hot pan but these days its as pictured above. I quite like the pan idea though. Ingredients vary...but usually its feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and ham/bacon. Sometimes avocado on the side. and spinach! Very healthy and so so so filling!!! really great w toast strips and shared with a friend.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

And their eggs benedict is something my sister craves for all the time. It is fresh and the hollandaise sauce done perfectly.

Their baked beans are very yummy too with a slight mexican tang.

Safe to say I return there all the time despite the many choices one has on the Cottesloe Beach strip. and I have been to most of the other places too.

I love the beach. Its what keeping me here in Perth really.

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