Thursday, November 29, 2012

M's Food Find #81

After being here in Perth long enough, I finally made it to this wonderful cafe located right in the heart of Kings Street, the luxury shopping strip that houses LV, Tiffany's and soon Chanel.

My first time here was last year in Oct/Nov with my ex-housemate and I have gone back there a few times subsequently.

No. 44 Kings Street. Prices dont come cheap but the food? Well, lets see.

I like the views though ;)

Luxurious aint it? But totally worth it given the place you are in.

Alas, we had coffee instead. Good strong ones.

My companion's salmon pesto cake brunch. I myself had it before too and found it quite nice. Something different from the usual brunch items. I like the deviation. Hollandaise sauce was abit too thick for my liking.

My banana pancakes. It was amazing. Completely yummy. Had it twice since. Once was while I was nursing a killer hangover. Let me tell you, sugar and sweets do not cure hangover. I felt even shittier after. But the pancakes were good. Now I want some.

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Well, the prices are abit steep. But worth the indulgence once in awhile. Especially when the sun is shining, the cool breeze blows, the sky is a brilliant shade of blue. And everyone deserves to be spoiled once in awhile. Take your time. Leisure when you can afford it is already a luxury.

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