Sunday, November 11, 2012

M's Food Find #74

This little place is tucked away somewhere in Singapore and I really dont think is very accessible unless u cab or drive. or prepared to walk a bit. Address as shown below...

Stumbled across it one afternoon and finally went back for dinner another night. It had smelt heavenly so I need to know if the tastes are as good...

Their pastas are handmade and I like how I can choose what kind I want and what sauces I want. Its like create your own dish. But the menu also have their own combinations.

This is the pumpkin ravioli. Quite sweet and the pasta skin tender and soft. 

Closest thing to a carbonara. But it's a self-picked combi of spaghetti and the ham mushroom cream sauce.

A pizza to share. Not bad, quite tasty and homemade.

Self-picked combi of alio oglio and spaghetti, with added mushrooms.

Mushroom risotto - good flavour but quite ordinary. Abit too mushy for me.
self-picked combi of angel hair pasta and basil pesto. The pasta was over-cooked and too much sauce, like drowning the pasta. But the sauce was pretty yummy and flavourful. That kinda saved the dish for me. Its simple and good. Just not authentic.

A wholegrain pasta dish - healthy and vegetarian friendly. Found it a wee bit bland.

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Overall, the prices were very reasonable. About $15 per head. Portions were reasonable. Quality is not bad really. Quite good. But having been exposed to the real deal, this isn't cooked as authentic as the Italians do it. But I know, its catered to the tastes of the everyday Asians' tastebuds.

Give it a try, I would. And I know I will return. (when I get a car).

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