Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ricky & I.

And the good news have been broken. The announcement of the new coach on the Voice Australia for 2013. After the departure of Keith Urban after only one season.

I thought it could be perhaps Benji Madden to join Joel. But of course, none better chosen than Mr Ricky Martin himself. 

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My love for music began when I was very young, listening to Dad's CD choices in the car. I never really liked most of it. Until Daddy got a new CD one day and the latin-licious sounds of a certain chiselled handsome dude filled the car. Ricky's very first CD with the dance moves and spanish ways of love and living.

I would say my very first popstar crush had to be this guy over here. Who wouldn't. And he definitely looked better as the years gone by. 

I am beyond excited for the Voice to begin showing on telly here next year. I know I watched last year because Joel Madden was quite the charmer. And of course occasionally there's Benji in it. But now, it will be to see how Mr Martin here coaches his team. OH GOODNESS, arent these talented kids lucky to be able to be on his team. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. not fair.

Dad's since given me that CD I loved. And for now, I shall go put it in the player and let the apartment be filled with some passionate music.

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