Monday, January 21, 2013

mayyn meal - Bah Kut Teh Boon Keng

So being back in Singapore, its where I eat too much and exercise too little. And when I feel like my brain turns to mush abit more, and kill more braincells with one or two hangover-worthy nights.

Anyway, there is always a list of to-eats when I am here... And my parents do love to help me accomplish that list!

This is one of their favourite places to frequent and a particular favourite of my sister's.

Located near Boon Keng MRT station, underneath a block of HDB flats, there is the Lau Ah Tee eating house. Always packed with people, young and old, couples and families, for the very yummy Teochew-style bah kut teh!

The stall is bigger than most normal hawker centre stalls and besides bah kut teh, they offer a variety of steamed fish and other dishes.

Beh tor, or loosely translated white tummy, this place does one of the freshest versions of this fish. Very yummy and sweet and fresh/silky smooth. So difficult to get right because it can stink quite abit if not. And very rare especially during CNY period.

What's bah kut teh without you tiao?

Braised pig trotter's. SO GOOD!!!

Kiam chye, not difficult to get wrong.

some other fish that you may be able to get.

The bah kut teh soup is nice and light with a good hint of pepper. Theres another dish where mushrooms are served in the soup, pretty good with rice!

Worth a visit definitely!

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