Monday, January 28, 2013

mayyn meal - Forest

Time sure flies when you are sick or having fun. So I have decided to try and stay home more often this week just before the whole CNY hoo-ha and then off I go again. This time back, it was one heck of a culinary trip. And Dad brought the family out to the new Chinese restaurant at RWS, Forest.

Yes, Chef Sam Leong had created a special menu for one of RWS dinners which we attended before too. It was quite good. And we had to see for ourselves the rest of his creations here.

Housed at the lobby of the very luxurious Hotel Equarius in Sentosa/RWS.

So in love with this table setting. I want one!!!

Yes, forest-theme did not come as any surprise.

Appetiser: Tomatoes soaked in a kind of plum sauce/concoction.

The fried soon hock. Its fusion Chinese food. 
A oneperson portion but our family decided to share it all still. So just a little for tasting each.

The cod. (I rather have the miso cod in Nobu) But still, fresh fish never fails to impress anyone.

The duck was very tender and cooked to perfection.

Beef with foie gras.

The special Ee-fu noodles. Only because I was craving for it but love the generous tender sweet crab meat and claw served, The noodles were abit too soft.

And finally, the only dessert that intrigued us. The Thai-tea ice cream was kind of just like bland cinnamon ice-cream and the chocolate/banana gateau was good but nothing amazing.

Loved Hotel Equarius lobby decor and the restroom vanity idea.

Forest was a good experience but nothing fantastic and to rave especially about.

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