Monday, January 21, 2013

mayyn meal - The Generous Squire

On a very cool and sunny late afternoon, or early evening whichever you prefer, X and I were done with shopping and needed food to quieten our growling tummies. 

We made a pitstop (after much indecisiveness later) at The Generous Squire off Shafto Lane on that Sunday. I have been before and blogged about their tasting plate too (value for money!!).

But this meal also deserves another post all on its own. Presenting the baked mushroom filo pie:

I had to wait quite a while for it (not good when my tummy is growling but the wait was so worth it!)

Looks really simple and it really is simple grub but oh so tasty and healthy and filling!

A whole Portobello mushroom is baked within the filo sheets with the yummiest filling ever combined with so many healthy ingredients. The filo sheets were baked to a nice slight crunch and not heavy at all. The spinach salad had a tangy dressing and the tomato based sauce goes well with the filo sheets and mushroom.

definitely one of the best meals I had in 2012, so simple and good!

(However I visited again a month later to a busier and more crowded Squire and ordered the same pie. It didnt take as long to arrive but didnt taste as good at all. The filo sheets were soft and thicker and tougher. The filling was quite abit lesser than the first time but significantly enough for me to notice the difference. The mushroom was still juicy, thank goodness. And presentation more slipshod. I guess I cant count on it always being that good eh?)

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