Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mayyn meal - Ma Maison Central

Meeting a girlfriend for dinner on a Wednesday night at Central. I decided to head to Ma Maison because well, I havent been and good things have been heard...

Didn't make reservations so had to wait for awhile. Lesson learnt! Must make reservation next time.

Cute lamp! Reminds me of a certain designer's inspired dress with this mosaic like cutouts...

Had the scallop carpaccio which is quite sweet and fresh. Pretty good quality at the price!

Escargots and lighted under the tray to keep it warm. See the blue flames?

Really not bad, much better than db bistro's! (and less expensive...)

And the tonkatsu to share.

I liked the creamy potato mash at the side but so small a portion! And the tonkatsu was fried to perfection. The pork was not that tough and the crispy crust is definitely something to crow about for this place.

definitely will return when I am craving for tonkatsu. This Ma Maison place more than satisfied my craving!

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