Wednesday, January 23, 2013

mayyn meal - Commonwealth Zi Char

If you are looking for a simple dinner place to go to with family who likes to the traditional zi char kind of place, with a little bit more fanfare. Well, this is it! Located in the midst of all the HDB blocks you find this bustling food place with queues. Yes queues.

Address and everything provided. Please make a reservation if you wish to queue at the shorter queue. HAHAHA. Yes even with reservation you still have to queue. It was my first time there and I am no fan of queues. But the food was surprisingly good/

The cold clams is a perfect entree in Singapore. With Tiger beer perhaps. Yums.

The chilli crab is so far one of the best I have had. Surprising much? But their fried mantous were such a let down and terrible. I suggest bringing your own to really make use of the amazing chilli.

The golden mushrooms tofu on the bottom right hand corner is good.

The rest are standard zi char fare and definitely not difficult to go wrong with.

And lastly, my favourite of the night. Milk/butter pork ribs. Like cereal prawns but with pork ribs. And instead of cereal, instant milk powder with butter tasting really sinful and sweet and yummy. Weird combination that works well. Yummy.

Definitely worth the queue because you know why, the prices are super reasonable too! Loves it.

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