Monday, January 21, 2013

mayyn meal - The Merrywell

It was the Christmas period and all the feasting was expected. So for one of the last meals I had in Perth before X and I returned to Singapore for a break, we decided to head to the Merrywell late one evening. 

Decided to split the fiery lamb chops! 

Looks harmless, aint it?

well check out the blue flames licking the alcohol in that little saucer on the left.

And the server poured it over the lambchops with the flames.

and off the lamb chops go! WHOOM!

Then the mint sauce goes over it to quieten the flames.

And there you have it, a collage on instagram (@mayyb), step by step! 

The lamb chops were quite good, tender and slightly charred. The sauces provided didnt do much to enhance that grilled smokiness unfortunately. 

Because it was so late into the night, we ordered a Caprese salad to share as well. I really liked this salad. Too little leaves though but the tomatoes were fresh and tangy sweet.

And of course, we wanted dessert and ordered Cookies in a Jar thinking perhaps we would have cookies and cream cheesecake or something. And this arrived. $9 for 9 cookies anyone? OMG.

guess this was the only highlight of the night... watching the flames.

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