Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday @ City Hall, Clarke Quay and...

It was a day that started out pretty planned and ended up very spontaneous. 
a special kind of day, I call it.

shared this with my cousin for lunch (Basement City Hall, a Jap place in the middle of all the food choices). can't see any one person finishing this by themselves. The omelette over the rice is to-die-for. Just wished it was fried rice and not white rice under it. Gyoza was very light skin and gentle.

Then desserts at Tiong Bahru Bakery. This lemon tart was WAYYYY too sour for me but my cousin love love love it.

The praline pear tart was okay. Nothing too amazing.

Coffee was average. 
And then I went and got my haircut before meeting Guang at Beer Market, Clarke Quay. 

Love the pub's concept and cheap snacks during happy hours. $3 for nachos, sausage or wings. say what? Then had a pint of Snakebite which was beer and apple cider mixed. Not bad at all.

my OOTD and guess what, I ended up in Zouk after Beer Market. Never mind just chilling at Winebar, we also actually entered the club. Making it the third time so far I go out inappropriately dressed in maxidress, and the first time in Singapore. I guess I have always been pretty spontaneous!

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