Friday, February 22, 2013

mayyn meal - The Living Cafe

Well speaking of reunion dinner, the day before I checked into Marina Bay Sands for another staycation with my cousins. Got a good look into the new Sands Lounge where I go to check in. Hidden from the public's eyes!

was a rainy day so I decided to have a strong black coffee for a late night with my cousins.

Yummy arvo treats!

Managed to squeeze four girls on here. ANYWAY, the next morning after a quick swim, we headed down to the Living Cafe for brunch!

A bit of a shock for my non-vegan cousins but for me and my vegan cousin, we were pretty happy with the selections. Hardcore health food in Singapore is so rare!

Wholemeal Pancakes with mixed fresh fruits. 
It is a bit dry as you can tell but the pancakes were quite good. 

Raw Pizza - more like salad with a base. we had ordered a mushroom one but mushrooms were rare! and I mean, rare. Hardly any to be found underneath that pile of fresh veggos.

The omelette was really good! And the fresh basil pesto so good and just so fresh! Amazing.

The mushroom burger was unusual but good. Healthy and crunchy and still quite yums. The sweet potato fries were different and the coleslaw not that yummy though.

Portions are unusually smaller though and prices are also higher.
I wont probably return because it is so far away for me. But I like the idea of the place.

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