Thursday, February 7, 2013

mayyn meal - Loysel's Toys

Following Chye Seng Huat's (CSHH) post, I decided to blog on Loysel's Toys, the other cafe which originated from the people at Papa Palheta.

I find this cafe even more inaccessible than CSHH! Further from Lavender MRT, behind the indian temple and what a walk in., underneath an unassuming factory looking building.

But there were quite a few people on that Saturday afternoon and nearly all came by car.

Since two of us already had brunch, we settled on cakes and coffee. The lemon tart was a big hit and the earl grey cake was not too bad,

I prefer my coffee at CSHH and found this not strong enough. Otherwise I like the more chill ambience and the feeling of being transported abit back in time, to a quieter Singapore.

The third coffee companion needed lunch so he had this. Looks pretty good and standard. 

I may return when I feel up to it and try the pancakes and other bakery items. But for now, I find myself too tempted by other unexplored cafes. 

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