Monday, February 4, 2013

mayy meal - Le Bistrot

Another Sunday night dinner with the family but this time, we joined Rachel and hers. Decided to meet at Le Bistrot along Indoor Stadium Walk.

It is right in front and un-missable when you walked towards the place from Kallang Leisure Park or the carpark.

The interior is quite unique and I loved the wall to wall covered with posters and frames.

Love this idea at the front, waiting area I suppose. Very chic. In case you were wondering, Le Bistrot is a French restaurant. It may look casual but the food and prices most certainly are not.

A small, sparse and comfortable dining area where we were seated.

Ordered 5 set menus to share amongst the eight of us where you could pick your entrees, mains and desserts from the full range.

The scallops with corn kind of mash and presented in an onion. I really liked the corn mash and sweet grilled onion. The scallops were quite fresh too. Overall a pleasing entree.

What's a french meal without french onion soup? This version is actually really fab. I could have had the whole thing to myself and be very satisfied.

'Poor man's caviar' It was quite unique and great to share amongst a few people if you are there for a small party or gathering. definitely not for one person.

The smoked salmon and egg. Don't think this could go wrong anyhow...

The chicken main was the least favourite for us all. Slightly sour which I dont know where it stemmed from. And kinda marred the whole experience abit. Definitely do not recommend this.

A special main for the night: Grilled Pork Collar. The mash was first of all, quite perfect. And the brussel sprouts were not bitter which is great. Lastly, the grilled pork collar was perfection as well. Grilled really well, seasoned yummily, and tender meat. Everyone loved this.

Duck Confit came in a very very generous portion of two legs. While it was standard french fare and tasted just as much, the portion justified the pricetag in a way. And definitely proved how a set could be shared between two persons.

Beef cheeks. While I had not sampled this, it was apparently tender and soft.

Salmon main before we added the accompaniment of squid ink sauce. Fish was cooked to perfection and fell off quite nicely. Not a bad choice for a main at this place...

Moving on to desserts, this was the trio of creme brulee where you could select from about 6 options. We had the earl grey, pistachio raspberry and vanilla bean one. All were sweet as you would expect but the best was the earl grey one where you could really taste that tea fragrance.

The lemon tart was...well a lemon tart at heart. Not bad but not my favourite.

The chocolate cigar in pistachio sauce. Abit like a dessert pohpiah. I still preferred the creme brulee so far but if you are a chocolate lover and ice cream person after something not so sweet, this would do the job very nicely.

And lastly, the fitting end to this meal, the signature chocolate set which consisted of 2 macarons, a giant profiterole and a DIY hot chocolate set complete with liquer. Macarons were average and the giant profiterole sinful. The DIY hot chocolate provided the table with some laughs and conversation.

What a nice way to end the meal...

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