Monday, February 4, 2013

Completely Random

On a bid to lose some weight before CNY and the feasting that is sure to ensue during that period. So blogging all that food previously is not helping me feel any better to be honest...

Found this lovely notebook in Typo during the walk-about after dinner with Aiky and before dessert at arteastique. This was the unintentional result of me trying to take a photo of the notebook. He had to help with holding the notebook up and voila, a photo that suited the theme well.

Indeed, if one could live on love and macarons...

And of course, one of the fave cards I saw at Typo too. So true dont you think? On a normal daily basis, without any parties or events to attend to, I would dress up most for a night out where it ensured alot of merry-making and wine. Or whiskey.

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