Wednesday, February 27, 2013

mayyn meal - Tontei @ NEX

So one of the random simple lunches I had to have during the last weeks at home. Went down to NEX with sis to grab lunch since mama wasnt home. Decided on Tontei, a little Jap place within the Jap cluster in the mall.

Simple curry omu rice which wasn't that great unfortunately. But it was also difficult to serve a terrible  one at that. Just mediocre.

a side of cheese iku balls which was really fried sotong balls with a slice of cheese which wasnt even melted properly across it. Meh.

sounded good on paper, fried roll of pork belly and sausage. However, the waiting time was also not justifiable for something that really wasnt done well at the end of it. Barely tasted the pork belly which was a gross layer of fats around sausages I could have easily unfreeze and cook myself. 

Overall, a meal that filled my tummy but nothing else. At least, I spent some time with my sister?

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