Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY manipedi

It has since been a tradition for CNY that we look our best, and beautify ourselves before the big day. I guess it comes with the territory of growing up and being a bit more vain than before.

So for this year, as I have begun to feel more comfortable in my own skin and my actual preferences, I decided to go for a 'my personality' kind of manicure and pedicure colours.

Neon/Barbie pink with glitter tones. Its every kid girl's dream.

So I really like my Barbie dolls. deal with it.

Trying to get a good instagram picture.

My happy toes! Blue and pink stripes. Its definitely maybe a mid-life crisis going on if you havent already figured out? hahaha.

Never really one to spend alot of these sort of things especially since if in Aussie, I have to do housework and nails never really last then. And with all the CNY surcharge during this festive season, I was lucky to have done a full manipedi for only $38. What a steal. Not the best nail artist in the world but Auntie Annie at Aljunied will have to suffice.

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