Thursday, February 28, 2013

mayyn meal - La Barca (dinner AND brunch!)

It is my favourite Italian place in Singapore so making sure to visit each time I am back is definitely on the to-do list. Enjoy the photos...For this time, I went on a Saturday for dinner with the family and then drove my cousins, sister and I back down for a Sunday brunch!

Scallops entree, big juicy and sweet.

Cod fish puree but I am unfortunately not a big fan of this dish. Too fishy and really just like eating cream.

To-die-for shell pasta with crabmeat and fresh cherry tomatoes.

grilled vegetables with basil pesto. because I wanted veggies.

The chef adding white truffle slices on the cod fish specially for us, so decadent.

Grilled prawns which still hasnt quite captured my heart like their pasta has.

grilled whole fish. scales and all.

definitely a big kinda portion for a whole family of four or more. Chef debones it for you amd you can watch.

Anyway so concludes our wonderful meal with the usual complimentary soup and petit fours before and after the meal.

There are special items on the brunch/lunch menu that the dinner menu does not support so it is well worth the trip down on a separate afternoon!

a macchiato for me

my vegetable omelette with a mozzarella pancake, lamb sausges and fried potato wedges. Those sausages were abit too oily for me but I otherwise love the entire meal.

Someone decided to have lunch instead of brunch of a roasted chicken leg and cannellini beans.

Sis had the burger with that amazing param ham fried egg!

Complimentary toast

And our vegan cousin Chiaps had the vege option which was divine as well.

Just blogging about this makes me wish for the weekend/Sunday to arrive soon and I can have some brunch of my own. This week has been one filled with so many new experiences and sights to see. Takes some time getting used to it and a brand new schedule. Definitely look forward to taking it all in!

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