Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mayy's Closet - Night One of CNY

So it has started, my new life chapter. so far sounds like a blur and not much concrete in those plans, ANYWAY, enough of blue dresses this past few days, I shall blog on my outfit that I wore on the first night of CNY. Apparently, I had one too many outfit changes for that one day!

Belbel helped picked out this outfit when we went shopping the other day. Well, I had wanted the top since I saw it at Montifs (a street stall at Bugis Streets). So when I went back we decided on a red maxiskirt to go with it from the same shop. 

Definitely 鸿运当头!

I just really liked the cut and material of the printed crop top. Unfortunately abit too short to wear normally otherwise, I have since brought it back to Perth and hopefully come up with a more casual outfit for uni/classes.

The maxiskirt is also very flowy and satin-ny. Love the roominess of it. 

Went out for our annual KTV session and singing CNY songs, and just doing random things with my closest cousins. Perfect outfit for a KTV session since I can sit cross-legged and generally be comfortable in this! 

Painted the town red is an understatement, with my bright red lips and Zu wedges. Stacked on my wooden and gold bangles from Diva which seemed to work well with my jade bangle. Tied it all together with my black and gold classic nylon tote from Prada.

Here's a very rosy new year!

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