Monday, November 11, 2013

mayyn meal - Lalla Rookh

Definitely one of the places I have been dying to go. I had a chance this year twice and so this post is a little longer with all the photos.

Walking past this for dinner is amazing.

Shared this with Jodie and the tortellini is amazingly soft with flavorful soupy base which everyone souped up afterwards with bread!

Definitely nothing to shout about unfortunately. Abit too plain.

I loved the meatballs and the crunchy bits. Would return for these!

Second visit, a platter which was abit too much and the cuts were too thick.

Waited for this braised sausage. Overall, it was quite alright. But having to wait for this, well I rather order pasta.

My dinner companions all enjoyed their above main courses.

Chocolate cake was too dense and abit dryer than I expected. The ice cream however was fantastic.

I am inclined to return to try the other interesting pasta combinations they have on it.

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