Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shoestopper #4

'Tis the season to be sparkly
Fa la la la la...

Ain't those shoes look just PERFECT for the festive season? I thought they were and bought them in Rubi Harbourtown. Never mind the fact that it was one size too small. My feet could fit in pretty well and it did not hurt at all for the ten seconds I tried them on.

Not just for the festive season, I thought it will go well with most of my dresses for nights out. So for just AUD5, I handed over my card to pay for it with the rest of the purchases (gifts for my godma and mum, not me!).

I wore them out for my last Saturday in Perth. Dinner at Positano's in Northbridge and Metros after with Anna, Li Jia, Geoff, Murdoch and Johann. Dinner at Positano's was alright, but we were all so so starved and impatient with the incredibly slow service.

Here's the dress I wore the shoes with:

It's from City Beach by Moolala or something like that. Ends in a deep V at the back of the dress. Loves it! Unfortunately, they were not my most comfortable outfit to date. The shoes hurt so much after 3/4 hours in them because my feet had no place to breathe. Ouch, I brought it back with me to Singapore in hope for finding a solution to this. Or else, it's up for grabs. Anyone want? It's a size 37. ;)

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Be Right Back

Hello y'all! How did your Christmas merrymaking go? I didn't do much for Christmas really. I just got back from my annual cruise trip on SuperStar Virgo to Phuket and Penang. I had a pretty good time eating and gymming. Managed to squeeze in a dip in the pools and jacuzzi!

New Year's Eve coming up. What are your plans? I sure wish I had all my girlfriends with me. I am going to have a mini gathering at Marina Bay Sands for the night. I cannot wait to try out the infinity edge pool and watch the fireworks. Amazing thought. Will resume blogging properly as soon as possible alright?

Remember, live to eat what the world has to offer! (Exercise to maintain, don't starve!)

Till my next, Mayy xoxo

Friday, December 24, 2010

Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy's first day back in Singapore is pretty accomplished. She had her last jab for prevention against cervical cancer. Let's hope the 3 jabs she had to endure will be worth it!

Sorry I had been away for so very long. I had several crisis-es to deal with. I was also not feeling too well physically and mentally. But fortunately, they are all sorted (I hope for long term, for ever).

Lunch today was at my favourite porridge hawker. I've been going since I was little with Ah Gong especially. I remembered their original place, so old like in the shows. Then all the renovations and moving. Anyhow, it is still at Joo Chiat, a little corner not far from the temple. It is near the pretty well known Fei Fei wanton noodles. Ordered most of my favourite dishes. Very happy =) The omelette, the meatball tofu soup, the braised pork leg, steamed white pomfret... Update: Name: Xu Jun Sheng (Long Ji) Chao Zhou Mei Shi. Address - 59 Joo Chiat Place. Closed on Wedn.

I managed to clear and do my annual cleaning on my wardrobe and the many drawers in my room! Cleared out quite a bit of junk. Feel so much better after that. I am left with my display cabinets, bedside junk and study room junk. Almost there ;) You may think I am nuts spending my Christmas Eve doing that. But I love cleaning. I admit it's an obsession and to me, therapy. Besides, it was crowded everywhere here in Singapore. I am not a fan of crowds. It spins my head round and cause me to be dizzy and frustrated.

Had to go down to Dad's side (second aunt's house) for Xmas gathering. I had quite a bit for dinner. Sarpino's pizza (cold yucks), turkey, ham, mutton rendang, Old Chang Kee curry puff!, fried rice, fried mee, fried beehoon...a mini feast. But not too yummy. Dessert was healthy - fruits. We brought Cookie, our dog down too. She was all too happy to sniff around and wait for apples to be fed to her. Scored a really cute luggage tag (mini luggage), earrings, gloves, foldable bag hanger and silk scarf from Cambodia. The gloves and bag hanger were really Mum's gifts though. Who cares! She doesn't want them anyway.

I'm home now, bedtime soon. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends again! I feel sad because I am never around (so growing apart is inevitable I suppose), people are so busy, but I do my best to keep in touch. In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you out there! Hope you all receive better gifts than I did =)

Till the straw berries, Mayy xo

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mayy's Craving for...KFC Nacho Cheese Tower

It has been weeks since KFC here in Perth introduced the Tower burgers. It is simply adding hash brown to their burgers. But there was a really special one: Nacho Cheese Tower.

Photo credits:
This particular burger is made up of a thick chicken fillet, hashbrown, a nacho, topped with a special sauce, and nacho cheese! The commercials sure make them look so good, especially that layer of nacho cheese. Oh boy. They don't have cheese fries on the menu like they do in Singapore. So this is probably the enxt best thing I can find with cheese on it.

Anyhow, I had put trying this off because of the price (since one can get a better, healthier meal elsewhere) and the sinfulness of this burger. Suffice to say the burger lingers and pops up every day in my mind where I will always find an excuse to go have it. But to no avail, until today. Results were out early and I decided to rush out after showering. I was also very very hungry since brekkie was only an apple. Hence, a quick drive-through to KFC to satisfy both hunger and craving. I ordered a regular meal with Soho (at least a less sugary drink).

As usual, they always look better on telly and probably taste better in your mind. So if you get cravings, just give in to them once. I hardly go back for seconds after that. The chicken fillet was quite tough and there sure was not enough cheese involved here. I could taste the saltiness of cheese though. So that's somewhat comforting? The hashbrown to any burger is a wonderful idea. Wonderful. Soft and crunchy. Should be how the chicken fillet should taste like too. Crunchy skin and soft meat. =(

I wouldn't be going back for this one, I think. I much rather pay half the price for a Hungry Jack's stunner deal and have a sundae too. BUT, I do like my chunky fries from KFC...erm, all chunky fries will do actually. So work hard for that burger. ;) I think that's why I gave in to the craving today too. I felt I had earned it.

Till my next craving satisfied, Mayy xo

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kitchen Venture #2: Omu-

Continuing my egg-venturous streak in the kitchen, my next venture here will be omu-rice/noodles. A really simple omelette that you can make simple maggie mee look pretty! Although here in Aussie, we call it IndoMee since it's just about the best instant noodles around. (I've heard some issues surrounding IndoMee, so best to go for another brand for the time being.)

What I do is crack two eggs into a bowl and pour in a little milk. Whip that up with a fork until it is properly mixed, then season with salt and pepper. I hardly use salt in my kitchen but I know my friends would want salt in that even if I personally leave that out. If you want cheese in it, pour in parmesan or shave whichever kind of cheese you like. For me, its always either parmesan or cheddar. My favourite cheddar brand is Cracker Barrel. I get the Light Cheddar version in a bid to slowly wean me off it. Feta cheese is supposed to be the healthier version of cheeses. Mix this well. Set it aside.

Heat up the pan with butter or margarine (Yes yes, you can use oil if you want. Remember, olive oil is healthier.). Oil the pan well and make sure it coated, otherwise the omelette will stick. We are aiming for a round omelette here! Once it has melted and pan is sizzling, pour in the mixture and let it fill to the edge. Control the heat here, maybe turn it down. Once it starts bubbling, gently use the spatula and ease it off the edge of the pan. Find your way to the middle of the egg and flip it over. The now up side should be a little browned. Let the downside cook for a minute or two before turning the heat off. Top tip: Eggs still cook even when the heat is turned off.

You can do your maggie mee or rice whichever way you want. I use microwave-able rice (yes I am that lazy, but it really saves alot of time!). There are so many flavours to choose from too. I like Uncle Ben's Tomato and Basil rice, Mushroom rice, and brown rice from any brand. Basmati rice is also a healthier option from white. Now, my mee is another topic all together so I will do that in my next kitchen venture. A few photos before we wrap this up! (pun intended)
Remember to add some salad as a healthy side to balance out the unhealthiness of instant noodles and instant rice haha! You can add chilli sauce or ketchup in that zigzag line the way omu-meals are always presented. How to wrap the rice/noodles:
1. While omelette when done is still in pan, add noodles/rice to half of the omelette. Flip the other half over it and transfer onto plate.
2. Shape the rice/noodles in a long oval on a plate. Gently place omelette over it, covering the sides.

And there you have it, a delicious and slightly more presentable lunch in a matter of minutes! It sure makes for a more enjoyable meal

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Should I or Should I Not?

I have been thinking about doing a blog segment on the outfits I put on each day. Not every day but yeah, the memorable ones, the ugly ones, the ones I love. However, I don't want to post my face up all the time. I'm shy. HA HA. Those of you who know me personally, then, lucky for you since you get to see my facebook and you actually seen my face in real life. Let me know if I should or not! If you are interested in style, clothes, and fashion; not cars, computer games and robots.

Till my mind be made up, Mayy xo

Shoestopper #3

Since it's the holidays and I am actually quite bored out of my mind, I decided to get a few friends and head out partying on Wednesday and Saturday for the past week. Anna had bought me 2 really hot dresses from Supre in Melbourne. Their warehouse was apparently better than ours in Osborne Park. Nice, wish I was there. Anyway, both nights I wore the same heels out. So I thought I will blog about them. I have concurred that these are my comfiest shoes to go dancing in. I can last more than 5 hours partying hard in them! They look pretty darn good too. But it's not all plus points. A photo first before anything else...

Photo credits:
I bought them on 19th June this year in Harbourtown's Forever New. Li Jia was the witness to this buy since she was my shopping companion for the day. I was searching the racks for my size and really pretty lucky to have found one at all. I got them at a steal at AUD 24.95! They are made of felt/suede so thats really soft and kind to the feet. I initially thought the bling was a little too much (yeah, I know since when is bling too much to me eh?!). But I tried it on and it looked hot. So as they say, the rest is history...

When I bought it, this other lady was looking for her size too and she took quite awhile to find hers since her feet is smaller than mine. Sizes for shoes here when they go on sale are the usual suspects, for the bigger feet. Anyway she was ecstatic she found hers and told me so when I was at the cashier. Girls and shoes are just well, its like whiskey and ginger ale to me! I wore it that very night too for dinner to the casino. And there's one thing you should know about me. I seldom wear new things when I just buy them or things I like alot. Some of my new clothes are still 'new' 2 years from purchase date! hahaha. It says alot when I wear so soon, I must really like it alot alot alot. Anyway, it is so coincidental too at the casino that night, I met the woman who found her size that arvo! She saw my shoes and we both laughingly shared a secret smile.

Back in Singapore this July for winter break, I went to Zara as usual. Such a surprise to see the exact same pair on the racks, with of course a different label! Goodness. They were selling for like SGD150 if I remembered correctly. EEKS. So I really appreciated this darling pair even more since then. We'll end with a couple of photos of the shoes being put into action the past week!

Photos credits:
After wearing them out quite a few times now, my main concern when wearing them has always been my worry that the bling will drop out. It is my biggest fear and I can't enjoy myself properly when I wear them out to dance with the crowds! So I only wear them out for dinners and places I know they will be fine. Then I switch to flats for dancing. A little sad but I will do anything including wear flats just so my heels can all stay pristine and pretty.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy stayed home the whole day. A nice rest for a change. No rushing about, no gym, no driving, no spending money. It was a little boring but I needed this rest. You may be wondering what one would do the whole day at home with no work, no school...

Well, it is Friday my chores and laundry day so I spent the morning cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping and tidying up the little place I have to myself. What a joy! I thoroughly enjoy such days, I look forward to it every week! More and more so as the day approaches within the week. Laundry's also pretty fun, clearing the basket and having all clean clothes. I sure don't have enough space to air them though. Really needed to make use of every free space available each week. Guess I am really like Mummy in this way. Or even worse...more OCD than she is. Haha!

After all that and a good long shower, I had an apple and settled down to watch telly. Here's Lucy and Seinfield on GO! Channel. Really worth it to buy the AUD29.95 Dick Smith SD set top box just for that. During that, I also decided to make cold soba. Not cha soba this time. Shiyu gave me her buckwheat ones. Will cover that on one of my Kitchen Venture posts one of these days ok? I promised Steffi I will do it for her.

Lunch was a tuna sandwich and the rest of my Peanut Gobble cheesecake from the other day. Remind me to tell you jam from IKEA is the best. with anything, bread, cheesecakes, crackers... Anyway, I spent the rest of the day in front of the telly watching I DREAM OF JEANNIE starring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman.

Photo credits:
I really liked the 1960s series when I first came across it on GO!, just like how I like Bewitched and Here's Lucy! Kmart had a good price at $13 per series the other week, so I went and bought all 5 seasons of it. I finished Season 1 already and am now on Season 2, almost done with the second disc for that. The story is about an astronaut (Hagman) who finds a 2000 year old genie in a bottle (Eden) when he crashed on one of his mission. In Sidney Sheldon's words, he chose the profession 'astronaut' for the characters was because of its "timeless appeal". Very true. So far, Jeannie (she sure looks very young for a 2000 year old) is getting a little bit annoying. For the most part, it is funny, I find myself really getting into the storyline and the troubles Tony finds himself in are hilarious. But Jeannie can get so dumb sometimes and she is so stubborn. Goodness. Her clear insane jealousy and throwing herself at Tony all the time gets tiresome. I really am not a fan of girls being so blatant and upfront, making the first moves I guess.

My favourite part so far...was actually watching the documentary with the actors and actresses and the producer who came up with the storyline. They are old now, but you can see the features when they were younger in the film! HAH.

My favourite character so far is Major Anthony Nelson (Larry Hagman), only because he sure is good looking. But the funny one is Major Roger Healey played by Bill Daily.

Till my next dream of Jeannie, Mayy xo

M's Movie Choice #1: Bride Wars

Yesterday, Shiyu came over to my place for a chillout arvo together. We decided to just stay home, eat and watch movies. Pretty good idea to just laze around. Unfortunately it was a teeny bit hot so we took a break in between and drove to Coles for some snacks.

We watched two movies out of my collection: Bride Wars and Just My luck.

Photo credit:
I really liked Bride Wars starring two of my favourite actresses, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. While this is not Hathaway's best acting, I still found the whole plot endearing. I never fail to cry when Emma's (Hathaway) dad visited Liv (Hudson) in the hotel room before the bridal march. Kate Hudson played her character very well. The whole domineering power woman, yet at the heart of it, she finds her soft side. And to see the contrasting differences between both couples. A girl sure hopes she can learn to see the signs of their relationship. Liv's husband (Steve Howey) was so sweet through the downs of it all. Awwwww. I also really liked Candice Bergen as Marion St. Claire. The narration was very very soothing and a nice respite from the girls' fighting.
I remember watching it with Anna first in the cinema when it came out in 2009. Then I bought last week, and watched it alone. I bawled my eyes out, especially when I had those doubts about reality. Third time, I still love it. I don't think it will reach the level of my obsession with The Devil Wears Prada...but 3 times and I'm still not sick of it. Suffice to say, it's one of my choices to watch, especially with girlfriends.

Highlight for me: The Vera Wang gown worn by Kate Hudson. I know without a doubt, thats the dress of my dreams. Classic, princess-like, I will still love it when I look back 40 years later...
Photo credits:

Till my next movie mood, Mayy xo

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kitchen Venture #1: Sunnyside ups

I remember over 2 years ago I did not know much about the kitchen and the work one can do in it. I did not know how to crack an egg. I really have not even boiled any water before, so I can't even do instant noodles/cup noodles. Who would have thought I needed to go study overseas and learn to feed myself eh?

I stayed at my first house with 2 really kind landlords. Marcus was patient and I used to go grocery shopping with him. He taught me little things and big things. If I had any questions about food storage, I could ask him. One important thing I learnt was: The best guide to storing food of any kind (if not indicated on package) is to store the item based on how you found the item in the supermarket. I would watch him cook dinner in the evenings. I would watch Adeline bake when she started her obsession a year later. I guess I do have their influences in my cooking nowadays. I learnt to use different kitchen utensils based on different needs.

The very first food I set out to conquer was the egg. I have since learnt to crack them without apprehensiveness and fear. Just use a teaspoon and knock the middle of the egg and create a thin line horizontally about 2cm and then use hands to crack into a bowl before the pan. After that, try with a tablespoon, spatula, knocking against the bowl/pan to create the crack. I am even able to crack them with one hand at times. Watch Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, it instills this sense of confidence in me! I love eggs. I can do them in so many ways too. I also love big brekkies, you know with sunny side ups, baked beans, bacon etc. So a month from the time I moved to Perth for university, I cooked a nice big hot brekkie (complete with kaya toast) for my dinner in the cold winter. Yes, breakfast for dinner is one of my many quirks.

Photo credit:
To make sure its well cooked through, the whites should be bubbling and crackling. You can use the spatula to slowly slide the eggs onto the plate so the yolks don't break. Or you can flip the egg and cook both sides well, wrapping the yolk within the whites.

I am hardly the expert chef. But for the clueless cooks out there like I was and still am, maybe this will all make you all that bit more confident to try. If I can do it, you can too.

Till my next kitchen venture on eggs, Mayy xoxo

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Shoestopper #2

Thinking I only had to go into uni today for 2 meetings, I decided to wear my Betts black wedges. I sure did not plan to go into the city and then to Carousel for a big walk about. Those shoes are pretty and I bought them with the intention for shopping in them. Unforeseen circumstances forced me to reconsider unless I make some drastic changes. This shoe-stopping experience is one where I have to stop wearing them...

Photo credit:
I bought them in August this year when I went down to Harbourtown with X, Anna and Li Jia. I told myself before this I was not to buy any pairs of shoes and most certainly not any wedges. Guess that did not really work out. I am weak haha. We went into Betts and X made me try them on insisting they are really nice. I agree with her on that, and I have gotten quite a few compliments on it too when I wore them out. I tried them on, they did make my feet look smaller and daintier...She was saying how I should absolutely buy them because they are just too pretty. SO at AUD29.95, it is a bargain. I did cave and hand over my well-worn EFTPOS card.
I reminded myself on my first day wearing them why I should never buy slingbacks again because the back always fall off when I start walking. And these were no different. Its back elastic bands slip off each time I lift my feet. It has become so annoying I have since walked in it like they were slip ons each time I wear them out. They are lightweight and go with just about anything. Because I wear them like slip-ons, the balls of my feet hurts really bad from the pressure and the straw soles. Today was the worst experience so far. ButI have worn them out for shopping at Harbourtown a couple of weeks back and I still managed! Oh dear. It really needs to be fixed. Here's a photo of the wedges being put into action.

Photo credit:
I Googled on how to stop slingbacks from slipping. The most popular solution was to wear insoles so your feet do not slip forward when you walk. I tried that, it did NOT work. I have since come up with 3 solutions. 1. I will have to go to a cobbler to cut some of the strap and sew it back. This means it will be tighter and will not slip. 2. Get the cobbler to cut off the back straps entirely and make this pair to be slip-ons. 3. Cut the back straps and use velcro! I am thinking the velcro idea is a pretty good one =) I can still have it as sandals and no chance of really having the elastic becoming loose. Which solution will you choose?
Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo
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Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy had to head down to uni for 2 meetings. The other committee member for my first meeting turned up wearing this pretty gorgeous but rather ostentatious Chanel belt her mummy gave her for christmas last year. lucky can a girl get! While I come from a family where we are able to live quite comfortably, I sometimes still yearn for more. Yet I know, in the grand scheme of things, I am very very blessed already. It sure doesn't help I seemed to meet all these people who sure can afford a lot more things than I am. Alright, now I am sounding like some materialistic brat. I have to constantly remind myself to take a step back and be grateful for everything I have. Anyway, no photo of the belt today. Shall attempt to describe: Classic Chanel chain belt, black and gold, with a big CC logo dangling in the front and linked words C-H-A-N-E-L in gold at the back of the chain belt.

I don't know if it stems from envy, narrow-mindedness or what, I sometimes feel that there is something quite not right for girls so young to grow accustomed to all these material goodness and flaunting what they have got. I admit I love fashion and I follow couture every season. I am not the most knowledgeable person around but I know enough to label it a slight obsession. I am grateful for my father who spoils me at times. Yet I SOMETIMES wish I was a naive innocent one, then perhaps I will be ignorant to all these and not want more. Like people who live in the Australian outbacks, so contented with the life they know. What do you guys think? Prefer to be ignorant or too exposed to what the world has to offer?

I must admit it is difficult with constant media attention on the weight issue and 'celebrities' who are in the news so often for no reason except they are rich. It does get a girl down on horrid days. I am struggling to come to terms with loving my body and I really am beginning to view the importance of being healthy versus skinny. I bought WHO magazine for the first time and my friend S was flipping through it remarking this actress look fat now and looked better in her before picture. BUT you know, the 'fat' photo was actually the actress overcoming her anorexia and is now very healthy looking. And the before photo was her battling anorexia!!! Omg. I chided S who's obsessed with her weight. She is tiny as it is and I do wish for her to see what we all see her as.

Till the peanut butters, Mayy xoxo

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today, Mayy...

Decision has been made to name my records of random everyday happenings: Today, Mayy...

Today, Mayy went out for lunch with Anna. Anna just got back to Perth last night from her 10 days trip to Melbourne and Sydney. We were to meet at Wong's at Bentley Centre for some good Malaysian/Singaporean fare. Sadly, we found the restaurant to be closed. We wandered around and tried to find an alternative. I suggested Victoria Park since it was just down the road, Anna suggested Ten Ten since I really want some Chinese food.

The place was really packed when we entered the restaurant. And the lady woman at the counter just had this really can't-be-bothered facial expression and sort of waved us away. I mean, don't you want more business?! Anna pointed out a free table at the moment and Woman said if there's a free table, just go. I'm starting to get really annoyed. If it was up to me, I would have walked out of there in a split second. The waitresses were also unhelpful and unfriendly. I quite liked the noisy buzz from the crowd in the place, but the food was not that fantastic. The last straw came when we went up to pay at the counter. Woman still had a really pissed off expression and as I was walking out of the door, I said I am NEVER returning there ever again. I am going to stick to that and spread the word. I guess I am like my daddy, I will not stand for lousy service and arrogant owners. I rather just leave and find someplace else. Don't these people know they are in a very competitive service industry? VicPark's a stretch of restaurants and food joints! Sheesh.

After lunch, we got baby cones at Baskin Robbins. I love the flavour I got today: Everyone's favourite Candy Bar. awwwwww, it was really sweet and had a hint of nuts. To me, it felt like I was having mars bar, snickers and all the chocbars in a melting icecream. yums! I forgot to take any photos of today's lunch and dessert. However, I will share with you a photo of the cutest cake I saw in BR.

Photo credit:
On the fashion front, Anna wore one of her usual sleeveless tees. I know her purple one's from Victoria's Secrets, maybe today's red one too? Anyway, she usually pairs them with leggings. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. I have told her UMPTEEN times, that is a major faux pas unless you are really tiny and have no butt. But she is a beautiful curvy tall girl. Not going to work girlfriend! Not nice in front too, if you all know what I mean. So if you want to wear shirts that ends above your butt, front and back, wear pants ok? or pull on a skirt if u insist on leggings. Or even shorts. HOWEVER, today girlfriend wore a pair of lightweight white harem pants she just got from Supre in Melb. It really brightens her up and it sure looked better! So hopefully girlfriend will see the plus points in wearing pants with shirts and ALL the nay points in shirt/leggings combo.

So girls, NO. Cover those camel toes and butts. Unless you kicked ass everyday in the gym and have a killer butt. In which case, I shut my mouth. What have you all been doing this dreary Sunday? I do want to know if you went on some adventure ;)

Till the butter flies, Mayy xo

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shoestopper #1

I've decided that I will start my very first diary on my favourite pick-me-ups: Shoes. 98% of my girlfriends or girls I've met love them, very few girls I know are NOT fascinated with them. Shoe shopping brings us such excitement and buzz. Oh! and that Cinderella moment when you find one that fits so snug...

It is undeniable I love that feeling of wearing fabulous shoes. My personal mantra: "The higher the better." I meant the height of the stilettos, for all you flats-wearing or worse, thongs-wearing girls out there. Again, I must clarify thongs is Aussie slang for slippers, flip-flops. I love them, don't get me wrong. But today, I will share with you a very special pair of shoes in my humble collection.

Photo credit:
These are my very first stilettos. The 4 inch beauties were bought quite a while back. The satin black and elegant gold lining, the sexy stiletto heel. Also, the fact it was the Zara sale period (although the price tag really was not all that low). It was all enough to make a very sad (semi heartbroken and maybe a little reckless) girl smile again. I had one of my girlfriends, Charlene with me at that time to giggle at my find. Am I glad to share that moment with her. The powerful, confident feeling it gives me when I wore them each time. Not to mention, I really took to it like a duckling took to swim. I felt like I found my little talent. I could walk naturally in these! So, I forked over my ATM card, and heard my first expensive cha ching for shoes/stilettos. To this day, my mother still does not understand my shoe fetish and the insane price tags I am willing to pay for them... Maybe one day my future job will allow me to buy her a pair of good expensive quality Tod's loafers. Then, she will understand no?

Another shoe related topic: Are peeptoe shoes really sexier than completely covered front? Why? Enlighten me. I still think that hole in front just makes it alittle more difficult to last longer in a pair of stilettos since the toe rub against it and it hurts!

Nevertheless, I had no idea then that this was the beginning of an obsession. Tell me all you shoe lovers, do you remember your first special shoe moment? Share with me your stories...I would love to hear them.

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

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Everyone was born in one place or another, but not all of us find that our hearts belonged in our birthplaces. Some may find a sense of belonging in another country, or in the kitchens, some find joy in work, some find happiness in bags, shoes, or both. Others are still looking for that sense of peace. Me, I am figuring out where or what I will find my 'Home'. This blog hence is a collection of my different hope that one day, my search ends. Because I would have found where I truly truly belong...