Wednesday, March 27, 2013

mayyn meal - The Attic

A Sunday brunch in Fremantle, early again with my favourite earlybird. We made it a quest to search for the Attic and we found it. It was quiet morning when most are still awaking, but there are plenty of others already enjoying their breakfasts in the different cafes and restaurants on the Freo strip.

The Attic is round the corner and tucked away in an unassuming typical Freo alleyway.

A small shopfront and seatings on the upper deck. It was quite a hot day so without much ventilation in the place, it felt abit stuffy.

A pretty good comfy space with a couches area just up from the stairs.

Cool luggage trunk bundles. Can I just have one or all of them?

Shaksouka with white cheese. Something like baked eggs and tomato based. Turkish?

It really was quite yummy.

Runny egg yolks and thats what the toast are for. Looks like a very simple healthy brunch but still quite filling even without the toast.

Baked oats and yogurt for X who needed to detox her meat-filled dinner the night before.

Apparently it was too much and filling. She couldn't even finish it. I tried some, it was healthy. Cute plank though!

(Instagram @mayyb)

Just us and juices. Me waiting to dig in!

The choices arent that many but it is definitely worth going down for a visit!

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in a white cold week

Continuing from the previous ootd post, the week (due to laundry constraints) was a white based one! Unfortunately it was a cold week but I struggled through it with a blanket or jacket.

Monday's dress was something Ive had for years and really probably only worn less than ten times because I used to pair it with leggings for autumn and considered it too short for summer...Till summer became too hot and I want to keep cool at all costs. Love the side pockets and tapered in hemline. Used to pair it with my green Varinas to match the green prints. But it was purple and pink flats for the day!

Went out for lunch on Monday which has become abit of a nice routine. We decided to head out to the beach's Naked Fig and I wrapped myself up with a blanket that they provide while sitting out on the veranda. Perfect way to end all Monday blues!

A silk sateen printed handkerchief maxidress with asymmetrical hemlines for a picnic dinner and outdoor movie Saturday night. Let's just say its lucky I brought along a blanket to keep warm.

It was a debate on whether I should wear this to uni but I did throw on a jacket anyway. Ive also had this for years, since high school like the Monday dress. Never wore it alot because I loved it too much and did my best to prolong its existence. Also, a white laundry week only takes place twice or thrice a year. Since learnt that I will bring this back to Singapore where it belongs with its summer print and material, and to aid in my minimal efforts dress up mode there.

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Mayy's Closet

A very quick closet post on one of the most inappropriate OOTD for a cold blustery day.
It really is very difficult to remember to check the weather forecast in the morning before I get dressed. And learn to not judge the clear blue sunny skies for a warm summer day...


A floral printed toga ruffle front dress from Cotton On. I actually didn't buy this, more of someone else's shopping buy gone wrong so it is mine for keeps. One of my dude bffs decided that it looks like a tablecloth. MEN, what do THEY KNOW?! Hahaha.

Kept everything else neutral, could have added a brown braided belt too.

Perfect for SG weather (and my extreme laziness to dress up in that humidity, minimal efforts!) so its going back with me the next trip and staying there.

Blue flats from Kmart for the day. It is abit too saccharine sweet by my own standards but I bought those shoes so I have to wear it out.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


a little leather bracelet from Universal Studios Singapore that I got on one of my visits there.
it didnt take me too long to think what I wanted engraved on it.

to remind meself once in awhile.

Completely Random

Freo always has something new each visit...enjoy these!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Some friday nights deserved a little bit of effort! And it begun a weekend's worth of birthday celebrations for two friends so dressing up is in order.

Here's the OOTD/N that kicked off the festivities.

(instagram @ mayyb)

Had to tone it down for the day in uni so had on a black cardi and wore my gold loafers flats from Kmart, red lipstick and eyeliner are also a no-deal!!!

but come evening, I put on the warpaint, put on some bangles and swapped the flats for my red suede heels from Forever New to head into the city for drinks and dinner.

Well, I was abit too early but neccessary for parking so I went shopping on kings street which ended up costing me a pretty penny because I succumbed to temptation. UH OH. but guilt has never felt as good, goodness gracious.

One of my fave oversized clutch. A touch of glitter and glam from Valleygirl.
Really holds alot, definitely one of the best buys!

The dress - from Love Bonito ages ago and I only just wore it for the first time that Friday.

I love the material of it, thick and good quality which unfortunately cant be said for some of their more recent items. Anyhow, love the military chic look which can sway into the nautical theme just as easily! would love to find a captain's blazer to go with it ;)

Minor details like a tulip skirt hem is always appreciated!

Definitely loving some of the photos for the night and how amazing the colour of the heels pop through!

Completely Random

girls, suckers for pretty things. 
Limited Edition bottles designed by Jennifer Hawkins to promote her swimwear line COZI. 
At least I scored them on sale!

mayyn meal - Barchetta

Before we get started, I should declare that I love this place. Nearly everything about it, except possibly  the sometimes slow service. BUT the vibe, culture, people, and food here is lovely.

a green juice to start the early morning. for my second visit here for brunch. i am usually too late to catch their early brunch hours even on weekends. so I make do with lunch at times if they aren't too crowded in that small space or leave and be a wee bit disappointed for the day.

amazing views as we eat out on the deck.

Spiced corn, pea and coriander fritters with smoked salmon and poached eggs.

it was very flavourful, the whole plate. it looks pretty darn amazing too. taste wise is actually not too bad, I can taste the spices. Just looking at it is making me so hungry at the moment. I love corn fritters  as a brekkie idea and this is one that is chocked full of ingredients. not the best fritters i have had but it is right up there.

my friend had the spicy vegetable omelette with a side of mushrooms. she was not a big fan of this dish unfortunately so we split halfsies on our meal. I quite like it because well, I like vegetables and i like the spicy green chilli hit in each mouthful. it is definitely healthy! the omelette is not smooth or eggy much but i like the overall 'coarseness' of it.  

(instag @mayyb)

from my first time making it in time for their brunch, the crab omelette. real crabmeat, I am impressed but that omelette felt abit flat. not fluffy enough! but love the 'sauce' it came with.

Their crab spaghettini was also quite good and filling though a wee bit salty. 

Frites always yummy.

and their fig icecream is to die for...

Definitely a place I go back to time and again.

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