Friday, March 15, 2013

mayyn meal - Cimbalino Eric Street

So on that Sunday when we were abit later than usual, we ended up at Cimbalino's on Eric Street Cottesloe where they serve brunch till 2pm.

Hola! Checking out the extensive handwritten menu with all the different juices.

Seated in or out, this place always looks so packed whenever we drive past it and its good that we finally try it.

A very beach-vibe friendly neighbourhood kind of place, where people wear their swimsuits around, bikinis, shirtless dudes in boardies, barefoot...

Will try their coffee once winter hits. Summer is meant for fresh juices.

My choice for the morning. Plated very nicely! I was blown away.

The egg was so cute and while it looks good, eating them all together was a bit of a challenge.

The toast soldiers were very crisp and fresh, the flavours of the relish, salsa went well with the dukkah and sausages. It really was such a perk-me-up on a beautiful morning.

X had the Huevos Rancheros, a mexican inspired brekkie.

Found the chorizo tomato base abit too watery but flavours were quite alright.

And this display did not escape our eyes...

what did we end up with?!

A macaron!

The new york cheesecake macaron. It was as good as any macaron can be but cannot really taste any new york cheesecake!

repost from X's instagram.

Looking at urbanspoon, there are quite a few other Cimbalino's around. I dont know about them but I am definitely keeping this Eric Street one in my sights.

Cimbalino on Urbanspoon

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