Thursday, January 9, 2014

mayyn meal - Yhingthai Palace in Purvis Street Singapore

Craving for Thai food, and havent been satisfied anywhere. So on a day with Mum and Dad, we dropped by this place to try and help me get over the craving.

Vermicelli Salad for starters because Mum likes it.

Tom Yum Soup. Deceivingly spicy.

Olive Rice is always yummy. But I have had better, which was homecooked. 

And my favourite Pad Thai. It is alright but still doesn't satisfy my cravings.

Not the best place, but not bad Thai food at all. not bad.

mayyn meal - Koh Grill Sushi Bar in Singapore

Located in Wisma Atria's Food Republic foodcourt, I met Quak for dinner on a weekday night for a catchup. Got him to head down there early and get a seat first because I had heard how busy it gets.

And when I got there (I was late), I was right. The queue was madness. Snaking everywhere. And lucky for me, when he got there there was no queue and he has been sitting in there waiting haha.

However, not every seat inside was filled so technically the queue could move abit faster.

The menu looks good so we really wanted everything. We tried controlling though!

The pitan maki was quite unique with the pitan sauce.

The one everybody is raving about. So naturally, i wanted to try.

It really was quite good. Just wish the rice was lesser.

The cream sauce did overpower the whole thing.

I wanted to try this, it was quite good but the roe and sauce were too much really.

Overall, sushi rolls were yummy and sinful. Nothing healthy here. Abit too much rice, abit too soft. But overall I would give it 6.5/10

Mayy's Closet - Mountain Pink Legs

As sis and I were getting into BM, we managed to score a few discontinued leggings from another sharkie in the US. This pair was one of those.

Wore them out in winter for dinner when sis visited. Yes, I know it's winter.

The navyblue batwing cropped top from Taipei, and gold glitter oxfords from Kmart.

It was my very first public experience while wearing BM. So I remember it well. Felt like everyone was starring at me in the restaurant when I walked in. Some did, and quite blatantly too. OMG.

But I didn't care because I was comfortable.

mayyn meal - P.S. Cafe in Ann Siang Singapore

Went down to the CBD to meet sis for lunch one of the days I was back. Decided to walk abit further from the DBS Towers to Ann Siang.

I had the Vodka Cheng Tng. Yes, I can drink for lunch. I wasn't driving nor was I going to work after. It tastes like the local dessert and vodka added to it. Not too bad.

Also tried the Poutine. Great concept, looks amazing, but flavour seemed to be somewhat lacking. Could do with more foie gras thats why! Hahaha

Laksa Pesto Pasta was abit bland as well. Great concept but really, was not pulled off well. Slightly disappointing but of course, in Singapore its mostly the company that matters!

Mayy's Closet - Aurora Skye Neon Purple Legs

My first Black Milk leggings, which I scored at the sample sale in Sydney. I finally wore them out for Pink Concert in 2013 with sis.

Paired with simple black knit sweater and similar coloured shoes to lend continuity to the leggings.

Some shots at the concert, it was comfortable and bright enough. Plus, its got pink in it. What best to wear to a Pink concert right?

Wore them several times again after and paired them the following ways.

Cool jacket I tried on at Princess Polly. Felt abit rockstar like.

loveeeee the colours so much!

Wore them with a navyblue batwing crop top I got in Taipei.

Add abit of colour in your life right?

mayyn meal - Bluewaters in Cottesloe

Still playing catch-ups. Anyway, one of my December meals of 2013 was catching up with Chiara over dinner at Cottesloe Beach. Decided to head down to Bluewaters Grill and she made an online reservation that afternoon.

Went down there, and the manager was all 'oh we don't have your reservation, sorry I havent looked online and checked." Erm, not a good start I should think that the management should be so slack. 

Anyway, there weren't many people so we got a table.

I ordered the Duck Terrine for entree while Chiara had the Scallops Risotto which was big enough for a main! The terrine was alright, nothing spectacular. Abit dry.

Chiara had the Crispy Pork Belly for mains and I had a try. It tastes better than it looks but it seriously look overdone. And it didn't taste super awesome too, it was a little too chewy than crispy.

I had the special of Asparagus Risotto and fish. It was actually quite nice and light. Refreshing for a summer day. I didn't mind it. Big portion too.

However, the whole dining experience (average as it was) was ruined by a bad service experience of a waitstaff whilst collecting our empty plates, spilled some wine onto the table as she accidentally knocked the glass. She didn't really say much and after a very long while, and rude stares from her, we realised she was not going to come clean up and replace the napkins. So we had to do it ourselves. It was just rude.

Food was average and expensive, service was sub-par with obvious attitude issues. 
Safe to say, I won't be returning.

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