Monday, October 31, 2011

M's Food Find #78

One of those nights where submission date was near and good food breaks are crucial to the mental well-being. Have been wanting to head down there for awhile now since Alina told me about it... And finally did so with Sam, Mick, Shiyu and Nurun. No reservations taken and will only be served when everyone is there. Dont go on a hungry tummy...and make sure everyone is ON TIME!!!

real crowded and lots of people come in and go with take-aways.

Not a very big place but still sits comfortably with pretty waitresses ;)

Located on Kearns Crescent, just round from a chinese restaurant in Applecross and lots of other food places line this street!

When we finally get round to ordering and our food arriving...

Shiyu's mixed sushi bento.

Part of the bentobox (karaage chicken)

Rice is not included and ordered separately to the bento box.

The top tier of the bento box...

Separate order of agedashi tofu.

A plate of toro salmon sashimi. I was so excited when I saw this on the menu!!! Alas, its a hoax to me. Slices were too thin, and I cant taste any difference... At AUD12 for this plate, I guess I cant expect too much. For sure, wouldnt be ordering it again.

My chilli karaage don was nothing special too...

Nurun's tempura prawn curry. Ordinary...

How the bento box was presented...

We also ordered the assorted sashimi with tuna, prawns, salmon, scallops.

Pretty fresh and sweet. I am not blown away but I concede that it is pretty good for Perth.

The main courses didnt blow us away and we were too hungry to nag at any tiny details. It is pretty standard fare and at slightly above average prices. Nevertheless, no meal is complete without desserts.

One of us ordered the matcha green tea ice cream which comes with a pathetic amount of azuki beans.
The goma/black sesame ice cream which is pretty fragrant and I quite like it!

Photos credits:

The STAR of Ohnamiya lies in this green tea panna cotta which I will choose to return for. It packs a solid good green tea punch and the cream is baked to a smooth consistency. The creme also compliments the panna cotta well. It is not too sweet and perfect for all green tea lovers. I was the only one who ordered it (in fact I ordered two desserts). Everyone preferred this and wished they had gotten it.

Well, not a total loss my trip there but without this amazing dessert, I wouldnt be making a return trip anytime soon...

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Ohnamiya Japanese Takeaway & Dine In on Urbanspoon

Mayy's Closet #79

When the weather becomes warmed but still remained a tad chill at times, outfit choices can be such a hassle because well, you want it to keep you cool and warm at the same time. A pretty tall order for anything really.

So when I had such a dilemma one day, I decided to go with this outfit.

Jeanskirt and stockings with a electric blue Dotti sweater. Seemingly simple and nothing too special about it... To be honest, while I love the colour and the design of the sweater, the material is pretty shitty and thin. Quite upsetting really but I will deal for the price of AUD9.95.

A cowl backless sweater always make the outfit cooler...literally. Like weather/temperature wise.

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Im kinda afraid of wearing it too often because I would have to wash it more often and thus increasing the risk of it being too worn out. Sad and boohoo for bad quality clothes.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Krispy Kreme!

Remember I had a box of a dozen krispy kreme gifted to me last week... Well, lucky for me, out of the choices I had, I managed to pick the one that included BOTH my favourite flavours!
So which are they?

1. Blueberry

This classic cake doughnut will remind you of a traditional blueberry muffin. We add blueberry bits to the mix, let the doughnut cook and then finish them off with a coating of glaze.

I really liked this because the blueberry dough was amazingly cake-like and so much better than donut tastes!

2. Chocolate Crème Filled

The chocolate éclair of doughnuts! A yeast-raised doughnut shell hand filled with rich, smooth creme and then carefully topped off with a coating of chocolate icing.

Not saying I dont like donuts but if I had to eat one, I would lovelovelovelove to have this particular one. The combination is light and heavenly. Microwave it for a warm snack or freeze it for a ice cream cake dessert!

But to fill a box of 6 at the very least, what other flavours would I have gotten?

3. Strawberry Drizzle

Fresh from the strawberry doughnut farm, this classic iced doughnut is the taste of juicy spring berries!

4. Strawberries & Crème

You don’t have to wait for tennis season to enjoy this traditional combination. This yeast-raised doughnut shell is packed with strawberry flavoured creme and lightly dusted with powdered sugar.

5. Apple Custard Pie

Try our Apple Custard Pie – it’s our take on some classic flavours! It’s so delicious, we’ve now included it in our permanent range. Try one today.

6. Special

Depending on whats on specials during the time when I am buying them and giving the new ones a go!

Which flavours would be in YOUR box of 6 Krisypy Kremes?

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Shoestopper #54

Bubblegum pop colours seemed to be injected into nearly every spring/summer collections here in Aussie fashion chains. And the footwear isnt spared either.

But long before they did that, I had this pair of pop blue coloured pumps amongst my shoe collection. Initially I thought the colour was alittle difficult to match it with but turned out, I managed to wear it nearly every day if I could no matter what outfit I had on. It instantly jazzed up the outfit by having this soft bright blue on my feet.

Photos credits:

This pair has since been retired because of frequent wear. Rubi flats really dont last me very long and Im glad it usually comes at affordable price tags. Which in this case, only $5 ;)

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Mayy's Closet #78

I feel completely exhausted today for some reason and feel like curling up in bed all day. Unfortunately the weather is kinda crappy. By that, I mean sunshiny and hot. Brilliant for the beach, not so for a sleepy (slightly grumpy) girl.

Anyhow, here's a short clothes post on one of my comfy tops.

The black blinged out shoulder strap top is from Bugis Streets and didnt cost alot. I initially thought it was long enough to wear leggings with but I guess not...

Photos credits:

When my mum found this top in my closet, she asked why didnt I get one for her too. HA HA HA. So she went and got herself a white one. Oh wells. Is it a compliment that mama approves?

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Saturday, October 29, 2011

M's Food Find #71 (update)

Heyhey! Now I've blogged about this restaurant before, called Kai in Parry Avenue. But had to do a quick update because I keep going back since the first visit and on the second visit discovered this... AND never ever order anything else since.

It's called the Sushi for Salmon Lovers. I can see why! It costs $16.50 and always takes ages to arrive to the table... Seriously. Especially when Sam orders his ramen and he finishes it before my sushi gets to me. RAH. This photo is taken from my first order of this plate. And seriously, the subsequent orders never looked this good.

The little sushi rolls have fresh salmon, cucumber and avocado in them. The rice used is pretty soft and not the best but I will let it slide. Because of the fresh salmon sushi and the seared salmon sushi. I LOVE THE SEARED SALMON! I am not a big fan of the salmon caviar sushi so I swapped it for the seared so I get two instead of one ;)

Photos credits:

The reason why I fell in love with this plate (other than the seared salmon) is the first time I ordered it, the fresh salmon sushi came to me like this, familiar looking! I knew it was fresh and not just fresh, it was going to taste pretty amazing. And I was right. Unfortunately, the standards have since dropped in particular to this because I never saw the skin or this colour or cut again when it comes to me. Quite disappointing.

But well, worth giving it a go still in my opinion!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Kai Japanese on Urbanspoon

Mayy's Closet #77

This closet post brings the closet segment to the same level as food finds! Thankfully, I can say my shoestoppers havent reached that. Because if it did, we would have a slight issue on our hands... or rather, I would have a slight issue. With my conscience (I sometimes pretend to be guilty but truthfully I love my shoes), and my parentals.

Anyhow, this outfit was worn during a week where I wore my whites. Yesyes, my ocd with laundry issues surfaces.

Nothing too girly since I wore combat booties heels. But perfect for the start of spring! I got the pink floral printed top from Cotton On last year in Singapore and never got round to wearing it until recently. The white cutout trimmed skirt has been worn once before and only my second time wearing it. I love it! I got it from City Beach and the brand is Moolala.

The exposure is pretty bad in this photo so the next photo will bring us closer to their true colours.

Photos credits:

No surprises for guessing why I got the top because I love the cut-out back detail. But really, I like the tiny floral prints because big prints can be SO overwhelming on a shorter girl (I dont dare claim I'm petite or small!) And the white skirt, well, the trimmed hemline is surely quite interesting!

"Florals for spring, how groundbreaking..."
(Yes, Miranda I hear you.)

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Completely Random

Just wanted to show off my new wedges in action!

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Mayy's Closet #76

Now when you see this outfit, you may think it looks familiar. I agree I do have something similar (especially colour-wise)in my closet, but why did I get it?! (besides the fact that I am such a hoarder).

Anyway, I got it because the first one in my closet is from Zara and I do love it to bits. Besides that, I wanted something comfortable and versatile from autumn to winter to spring!

The khaki green cowlneck knit dress is from Supre. While it is not made from the best material around, I wear it quite often because its quite comfy and the easiest thing on lazy days. With leggings, stockings, or on its own. With flats, booties, boots, stilettos. The possibilities are pretty much endless. Add a turtleneck beneath to keep warm, a scarf, a long necklace, a fedora hat, a slingbag, a holdall, a backpack...
Photos credits:

I like it so much I went and got a second one, in black! Which I really like. I do have alot of blacks in my closet... Not only is it a cowl neckline, I can stretch the neckline further and have it as a drop-shoulder dress!

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Completely Random

Kinda glad its all over but at the same kinda lost...

During the first sem and getting the last projects done...

THE END PRODUCT! After a year's worth of hard work and efforts.

The data collected - hard copies... In the four boxes.

Photos credits:

Pretty thick no? hahahaha. I know, not always quantity means quality but in this case, I hope it packs both.

Friday, October 28, 2011

M's Food Find #77

There are days here where all I want is something that reminds me of home. For the past couple of years, there are food I crave that I cant seem to get here. At least there's sometimes good imitations of the home food I love, but never replicated.

But this year, I managed to come across some place selling carrot cake (asian style) and comes with the option of white or black no less.

IT LOOKS GOOD!!! tastes pretty good too! Cant be too fussy at this point. But the (black) cakes could be smaller in size. But the taste is there! You have no idea how happy I was. The white version they have is not as good as the black. But I may be biased...

But what I really like from this place is their hor fun. I have tried so many places in Perth and no one can ever get it right. NO ONE. The taste, the look, the combinations... never ok, always lacking. But here, its near perfect (cant be too fussy and cant be compared to the best back home but slightly above average is good enough for now). Just look at the deep brown colour of the noodles and the thick consistency of the gravy.

Photos credits:

Other yummy items on the menu includes Mee Rochore (something like hokkein mee) and Beef noodles as recommended by Sam who brought me here. Thanks for sharing pal, wished I knew about it sooner! Haha...

Now where is this little secret you must be wondering...

Well! It is at Southlands (Burrendah Boulevarde, Willetton), at the foodcourt next to Hoyts. The very last stall on the corner. so worth the travel and lucky you if you stay nearby. Next time you are feeling a little homesick, recommend that you visit. Just blogging about it makes me want to return! And perhaps have ice kachang after...

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Hawkers Spices on Urbanspoon

Mayy's Closet #75

What are the summer colours this year? For me, its all about the coral pink and orange colours. I have wedges that colour which I am selling just because I really have too many pairs of shoes. And a cute pair of ballet flats. Anyhow, I have one particular shirt which I got this year that I really like in the shade of coral orange I have been looking for. Watermelon, some call it.

A cut-out sleeve top always brings something different to the outfit, even if its a simple jeans and tee outfit.

Black is so predictable as it goes with anything. But grey really brings out the bright colours. Or be adventurous and team it with electric blue or green bottoms. Thought I could wear it with leggings but its a little too sheer and camel toes are never good looks. I like it that the back is longer because it can be played around with especially with hemlines in terms of wearing a mini bodycon skirt or layering it over a basic tank dress! Methinks a white chiffon bondage skirt would work really well in the season and for standing out in the crowd!

Photos credits:

A bit of gold accessories in this case never hurts and great for breaking the monotony of colours and bringing out your body tan for summer! Glitter stilettos if you dare!

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo