Monday, June 24, 2013

mayyn meal - The Dancing Goat

Just one of those Mondays again. Bright, sunny, a nice cool breeze. And then brunch ritual.


Decided to check out The Dancing Goat just round in Cottesloe. Not down by the beach strip, and not too far away from Claremont Quarter.

A small little cafe that serves up organic and fresh healthy food.

Its really quite cute and the outside seating area is perfect for summer days!

The inside is also quite funky.

Iced mocha for my brunch companion. Abit too diluted for me. Maybe all that ice, or maybe I like my cold coffee ice blended.

The Trainer's breakfast is simple and healthy to the max! I really liked those beans.


My burrito was very yummy and healthy. I felt really good eating it.

Unfortunately, it did not fill us up enough. The food were delicious, simple and so wholesome. Service was friendly and the laidback vibe was something to look forward to.

Probably will take me a while to want to return again as there are so many others out there who's better or just waiting to be tried out. It is convenient for those living in the area but don't go down when you are too hungry because I ended up goiing two places for brunch that day... or is it because I am just a pig? The fare isnt cheap but I suppose you are paying for quality! 

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Completely Random

Just a little Monday wisdom. All the years, with people i have met, lost, kept in touched with. There are a few who stuck. A few who cared a little bit more. A few who kind of want me in their life as well. I appreciate all the little efforts because I know with me living such a travelling lifestyle, keeping in touch can be difficult. So thank you, for keeping me in your life and I do my best to be the best friend for all you amazing ones :)

Mayy's Closet

Just wanting to say byebye to the lovely dress that I have flea-d.

An asymmetrical palm trees dress from Ally that I have worn a few times, both daywear and nightwear. Especially good in humid Singapore. But with my magical closet that expands all the time, I have to give some stuff up (the bag that holds all these expands every other day too!)

A few bangles - Love from Diva, a handdrawn black one which has since faded, colourful neon ones that I picked up over the years. Some days less is more, and some days more is more.

A sneaky selfie. A top from sis closet and my trusty denim shorts in Singapore. Everytime I am back in Singapore, the first week of ootds look that way. Shorts, havis and a cool shirt. Cool, as in temperature wise. Sunnies and a small bag to sort of relieve me of some adult responsibilities that I constantly have to shoulder over in Perth. Vacation indeed.

Mayy's Closet

So for a week, I dressed in black because I was feeling just alittle bit rebellious and rocker-ish. 

So here's two of those simple days...

A black top with diamante sleeved details which only costs me $10 at Bugis in Singapore. Had it for quite a while and with most things from there, quality isn't the best so after a few washes, its time to let it go. But do like its comfiness and slim cut for all the times I have worn it. Paired with black superskinnies from Kmart and black flats. And a simple silver M leather strap.

And then, my favourite kind of cargo pants. Have two of them but this one is black with tiny gold heart details along the pockets. Got this one at Miss Selfridges, abit of indulgence yes. Love the bagginess which then ends tight. Feel abit like Princess Jasmine, well.... a Lara Croft inspired Princess Jasmine :)

Paired with my trusty black flats, the velvet pink H&M Clutch and a damante necklined top from Cotton On. Black eyeliner and a few different bracelets complete the Sunday brunch and movie kind of day look.

mayyn meal - Deli Chicchi

I have been wanting to come here for ages and I finally did on Mother's Day this year. Not because I am celebrating Mother's Day, just it was a Sunday and of course I try and go find myself some brunch on such a lovely day!

Drove down Mount Claremont and tucked away in the quiet suburbia.


Deli Chicchi was a charming little corner at the shops and seeing all the families out celebrating warms my heart. I definitely miss my own back home loads!

So many choices! didnt know where to begin!

A skinny latte and sunset juice. 

Ended up having to sort of mummy my friend alittle on Mother's Day as he broke his finger and in a cast. Cutting up the food and all, oh wells.

The salmon flute - with sides of beans and mushrooms. I found this quite enjoyable. Not the best I have had around but I am glad we ordered the sides.

The three ways breakfast was a delight and I am so glad I ordered that. The grilled haloumi is so good and the flavours make for a very very spoilt brunch choice. I love it.

Overall, service was quite good and quick despite the place being quite packed. The line to order didn't take too long and the vibe was so laid back and family friendly. I really liked it. Prices are average Perth so don't be surprised. These days being here so long, I have since got quite used to the prices which I should not be.

This place is definitely well established in the area. A place to keep in mind for next visits when I am down that way again!

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mayyn meal - Foam Espresso Bar

New cafe alert! Being in Leederville, I would mostly choose to have sat down at Greens N Co for some coffee and cake under those lanterns. But I have since found out that the place only really looked pretty and the cakes are never really that amazing anyway.

So that night, I walked across from Greens and being the snoop I am, I decided to check out the new cafe that was very tidy and simply furnished. Nothing fancy schmancy and yet still so welcoming.

The Death by Chocolate cake. Indeed.

Very chocolatey, I wondered if I heat that up in the microwave would it be full on deadly chocolatey?

With hot chocolate and a tiny teddy and marshmallow for company. Too cute for words.

I like the whole vibe and definitely quieter and so much nicer for a catchup than over in Green's. Good friendly service. Foam's here to stay, I say! 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Completely Random

Once I start, I can't stop. So it was best I severe ties with it as soon as possible.

Peanut butter straight out of the jar while watching telly. Pure sinful joy.

mayyn meal - John Street Cafe

Tucked away from the main strip on Cottesloe/Marine Parade, nestled in the midst of the beautiful homes residing in the suburb...


There is a cafe that serves all day breakfast! ALL DAY.

Went down on a Monday and it was relatively quiet.

Like the space and veranda and the true blue beach vibe. Nothing pretentious.

Eggs benedict for my friend. I found it abit plain, very small and simple.

whereas, I am abit of a pig and ordered the big breakfast which looks fabulous! Went with choice of scrambled eggs because I havent had it in such a long while.

Loved the table artwork too: Bikinis and Brunch, I call it.

The eggs were smooth and quite creamy, the beans were fantastic and the potato cake was not bad, just a bit cold. The mushrooms had definite flavour but wished I had more of it. All in all, very simple but done well.

Would I return? Not in a heartbeat but definitely on the list of where to go if I want a little peace and quiet, and simple fare.

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