Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mayy's Closet

I have put off blogging about this because I really liked it and wanted to do it some kind of justice.

Got this green dress from Hula & Co. a couple of years back but never got round to wearing it because I kept saving it for a good occasion. And Christmas family time and sis belated birthday dinner at Cut was the occasion finally. 

I completely love the colour and as an old friend put it, "the dress really shows off the curves well" something along that lines and also he did say something about showing off them babies. OMG. hahahaa rofl. 

The back was slightly elastic on the skirt bottom and had a slit so at least my back felt airy!

A more frontal shot that I took after dinner. Its a little tight on the bottom but ah well, gotta embrace what my mama gave. Paired it with my Aldo pumps and a stack of wood and white bangles. And my vintage Louis Vuitton clutch.

For a more conservative way of wearing it, I pulled it to an off-shoulder look and so when I bend over to retrieve anything or get food, no one is able to stare down the decolletage.

Now is this not the dress to begin the summer holidays with? I suppose it is. And so far, i've worn it one other time when I met two friends at Aquanova for their one-year anniversary bash. Lets just say the night was really good, or an unmitigated disaster depending on how u look at it. But suffice to say, thats the LAST time Im wearing this dress.

Dont get me wrong I love it. But some things are meant to just be in your life for that amount of time.
So thank you for serving me well you beautiful green thing, I will miss you xo

Completely Random

Good morning to you all. I slept at abt 3am and was wide awake at 6. still so awake its unbelievable because I havent been this awake since this holiday begun.

Anyway, one of my closest cousins is finally getting married, proposed to his pretty girlfriend on Christmas Eve (congrats you two) and as much as I love all things wedding related, this got me even more excited! Haha.

Saw this white ballerina-like outfit when I was out shopping in Bugis the other day. Found it somewhat pretty and still a little garish. I dont know whether to hate it or love it. But I reckon the idea is there, just needs abit of tweaking?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

update - Antoinette Penhas

Craving for something sweet but on a bit of a diet before CNY hits. Anyway, visited Antoinette Penhas outlet with Marsha the other day after our lunch at Chye Seng Huat (which I will blog on later).

It was a weekday afternoon so there were only one other pair of customers there when we arrived. Very quiet and perfect for anyone who wanted some alone time to read a book with tea and cake or just a bit of peace is good enough. 

Charlotte - very sweet!

Kyoto - actually not bad but the shortbread cookie at the side isnt the best.

Love the decor so much.

At least I have a closeby place to go to now if I am looking for tranquility or an escape without having to go all the way to Prive! Haha.

mayyn meal - Hide Yamamoto

I have blogged about Hide Yamamoto's robatayaki experience before and this time it was a short affair with sis and dad before watching Jersey Boys on a rainy Saturday afternoon at the Marine Bay Sands theatre.

Dad wanted soupy noodles, so he ordered the Champon Ramen. The soup/gravy was so amazing and yummy. Chocked full of flavour and seafood. Ramen noodles wont exactly the ones we usually get such as in Ippudo etc, more like a udon x ramen cross. It wasn't half bad.

Sis and I split the decorative rolls which was pretty yummy and fresh. A good sushi but I still liked the ones from Yamagawa better. 

Otherwise, the simplest lunch ever and one of the best yet because it was rare that we had a trio meal with Dad instead of Mum. Its these little things that count...


Tis the season to give gifts, and even though Christmas is long gone, summer has always been fun and carefree. Oh, and with friends going overseas and souvenirs to be gifted, I decided to give these some due attention. 

Cute ones from Taipei. Thanks Marsha! I love those Doraemon cakes which I wiped out for breakfast the day after I received them. Its like when I went to Taipei a couple of years back and bought every single packet I could find. I am a hoarder but they do make great souvenirs!

The little pink box from Laduree was a Christmas present from sis. erm, awesome much?! She got my air-stewardess cousin to get it for me when she was in Paris. Best idea ever. Thanks sis. 

This is just so precious!!! Oh my god. And perfect I think to hang on my Louis V neverfull tote or the denim Chanel shopping tote. Just a slight whimsical touch, my personal stamp on the bags.

Cannot wait to start using it!!!

And the Anna Dello Russo collaboration with H&M accessories collection, from which I managed to score this orange bling chunky statement necklace in the Busan, Korea outlet at Shinsaegae. Mum got it for me and better yet, at the sale price! WOOHOO. Chinese New Year perfection ;)

There was one more though which I have yet to photograph, a handmade silver glittered LOVE wood block for my home in Perth. Thanks Ahsi! =)

Completely Random

Hungry, waiting for my sister to have lunch. As for now, I can only blog or drool over these coke cans. I mean red velvet cakes with cream cheese. with that lemon zest... Yes please! Whoever invented fondant is genius because look at all these wonderful confections!!!

A Coca-Cola can cake. Who would have thought. Makes me want to throw a party right now! A cola party! The possibilities are infinite!

(I think Im too hungry)

mayyn meal - Oriole

Meeting in Orchard is always so difficult because most of the places are stock standard plus I have been to them too often that I get bored. However, decided to meet Aiky for dinner at Oriole at 313 Somerset out of the options I was given by him.

I like the big space and the convenience of its location!

So we shared 2 entrees and 1 main. Portobello salad was very refreshing and healthy. Good mushroom with its juices retained and pine nuts add such an addictive touch.

The not so healthy fried calamari was so spicy and so good. I missed it so much since I have been away from Perth. definitely countered the healthy salad though.

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken was a resounding success with us both. The chicken was so tender and juicy and the spices were amazing. Best of it was the corn salad that went with it. I could eat that all the time and on its own. YUMS.

And of course why go to Oriole if you are not having coffee. 
One of the best coffees in Singapore, its a must try. 

I had this Orange inspired coffee which was one of their competition entries. So darn good. Just thinking about it right now makes me want to fly home for one...

By the way they do brunch on Sundays 10am to 3pm and I heard its good. I must go and try it soon!

mayyn meal - The Marmalade Pantry at The Stables

Again, last summer. Yes I procrastinated on this blog alot during 2012. But I am doing my best to keep up. Because in this first month of 2013, I cafe-hopped in Singapore so much and have quite abit to tell you about!

Anyway, had dinner with a friend one weekday night after a bit of shopping in the day. Decided to try out their new outlet because I have been a fan of the Marmalade Pantry ever since Palais Renaissance's outlet. Its a pity the ION one can get quite noisy.

This outlet at the Bukit Timah stables is unfortunately only really accessible by car... Because I really liked the ambience and would have liked to have my escapes there if I had a choice.

It was quiet and light and just so peaceful. I missed that.

Splurged a little and shared a Chianti red that night. No other wine region like that in Tuscany, Italy. I visited the area too and I have to say my heart is wholly captured by its beauty.

Food was yummy that night but perhaps it was the good company. Anyway, Marmalade Pantry never fails to impress or at least serve up a good fare with no complains. Prices were pretty standard and expected. Because well, maybe I knew I was going to splurge or spend a bit more and willing to do so. 

Anyway, if you are up for a quiet 'retreat' with a good friend for a long catch-up or for couples, this place is pretty perfect...


I had ended my night at the nearby Udders with alcohol-infused ice cream and waffles...

In a bit of a subdued mood now that I had blogged about this, perhaps it is time to revisit this outlet. Goodness knows I have certainly spent enough time at the ION one.

mayyn meal - Pique Nique

Had a quick sisterly lunch out last summer and we decided to head to Pique Nique at Ngee Ann City, Orchard after abit of shopping.

It has a very narrow shop front in the midst of Takashimaya and can be very easily missed. But their cakes and desserts display ensure anyone looking for them will not be misled.

The place sits quite a few despite the narrow front.

We had a cushion booth for the both of us and decided to order burgers instead of breakfast which usually draws us in. Who doesnt love a brunch?

Anyway I am glad I ordered their burger. Fish, in my case.

I love the toasted bun which was just perfection and the fish was light and soft and crispy.

Sis had their beef burger and she did enjoy it too. But their buns were really to-die-for. 

Haven't really returned since as reviews in general were quite poor. But perhaps I shall go back one of these days and try out their brunch...