Friday, May 31, 2013

Mayy's Closet

Alright so that last Closet post was a bit rubbish so here goes for a better one.

Just a simple Tuesday out, taking a bit of a self-declared no work day. Met my girl X for a walk around town and particularly after an important appointment.

Wearing a black basic bodycon dress from Valleygirl that only costs $4.95 which is cheap ass and basics are so crucial in the closet. Glad that they come cheap so I buy them in bulk and in various colours. 

Anyway topped it off with a cropped sheer top with ruffle sleeves from Bangkok which costs alot more than the dress. I just loved the colour combination and the cuts along the neckline.

Taking photos with the Suzuki we found in the carpark lot with such an appropriate carplate! Paired it with my Kmart tiffblue ballet flats which also unfortunately was its last day out as we walked in the rain that evening for a good soaking.

The back details, and one of the reasons why I bought this top.

Abit like angel wings, dont you think? Metaphorically. What attention to detail and definitely one of those tops I am so glad I got from Bangkok with good quality. Would pay for that!

Stumbled across this wall and just knew more photos are in order. It kinda goes all together now! 
The top is unfortunately too sheer on its own and I am still working on how to overcome that. The black dress is cool but I do find it abit harsh on such a sweet colour combi.

Luv Shoes.

Completely Random

Had a bit of shop round earlier this year and found a couple of interesting items I wished I could have gotten or at least a good excuse to even buy them..

Love both these artsy couches that would look amazing in a very contemporary room. What a funky and strong statement they would make. Individually of course.

And what a good idea for parties!!! Canapes and what a display. Good work.

mayyn meal - The Atomic Claremont

Just updating on the time we actually make it early enough for brekkie. Atomic does not have any much breakfast deviations from the norm of big brekkies and egg bens. But well, that's how we like it sometimes. The usual.

Friend had the vegetarian big breakfast which looks fantastic and was quite filling too. Mushrooms were not too bad, the asparagus abit too wilted in my opinion but the spinach were yums.

I had the vegetarian omelette but I added a side of Blackforest Ham to it. Vegetarian no more. The omelette is good and very filling. I like the fluffiness of it. It is very good thinking back now. (tummy growls) But I felt it was a tad too expensive. 

I guess that is the common thread for Perth. Food is so overpriced at most places and eating out can be strenuous. And that is why I applaud some good restaurants out there like Jamie's Italian that stick to bringing good food at good prices which really is how it should be and how it actually is in most parts of the world around us.

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Completely Random

Definitely long overdue. So after a long hiatus overseas, I finally came home to my beautiful apartment and to Perth for a new chapter in life. A friend in London was sweet to have sent this through.

Even though gerberas are not my kind at all but! I appreciate the thought and honestly, most flowers are beautiful in its own right.

Mayy's Closet

A quick post on my graduation dress. I suppose the only reason why I am unwilling to even let go of it was because I wore it to my graduation a couple of years ago with the most amazing pair of gravity-defying wedges but took no photos of that OOTD because 1. I had no instagram then and 2. I had my graduation gown over it and that kind of takes precedence.

But I wore it out again this year and quickly snapped a few selfies. I got this floral dress from an facebook blogshop and had originally wanted to wear it for a race day. It is a bit shorter than I had hoped for. But I liked the double skirt layers. Can't really tell on here but there are abit of ruffles folds on the sleeves down to the waist. There really is no need for any additional accessories with this dress because the prints speak for themselves.

I will probably get round to wearing it again when summer comes round this year end.

 But I got away with wearing it in at the beginning of Autumn by pulling a short cropped jacket over it. The skirt itself looks kind of pretty doesnt it?

Definitely one of the girliest things I have in my closet. And one with sentimental value. Do you own any dresses that you wear for one occasion (wedding dresses excluded) and just don't have the heart to give it up even though you really know you won't wear it again?

Completely Random

enough said.

Completely Random

I wonder about that alot. 
Do you?
It certainly makes for an interesting kind of conversation if you and your friend like to talk abit deeper about things.

Completely Random

I wonder about that alot. 
Do you?
It certainly makes for an interesting kind of conversation if you and your friend like to talk abit deeper about things.

Completely Random

I wonder about that alot. Do you? It certainly makes for an interesting kind of conversation if you and your friend like to talk abit deeper about things.

Completely Random

I wonder about that alot. Do you? It certainly makes for an interesting kind of conversation if you and your friend like to talk abit deeper about things.

mayyn meal - Crepe Cherie

I had visited this place hidden at the back of the main streets of Claremont Quarter/St Quentin's Avenue on one of those foodie Mondays. But there is a slight confession to be made. I just wasn't satisfied with  breakfast that day and needed more food. Therefore, its off to Crepe Cherie which I had wanted to try.

Looking abit simple with the French cafe kind of vibe they were trying to achieve. Well it was certainly very quiet when we were there.

If it had been a bit warmer, I would have loved to sit outdoors and sit in the sunshine for abit.

Decided to share a banana and Nutella crepe with ice cream. I suppose it did satisfy the sweet tooth in someway but certainly not the best crepe I had. And I found the prices abit too much at the beginning, and then to have tried it, didn't think the quality was all that fantastic too.

Because one crepe is not enough, we had ordered something else from the fabulous looking cake display... we went with a silky chocolate tart. (even though I did kind of want to try the almond croissant oh wells)

It looked kind of good on Instagram after I put it through the filters as shown below but really, it was abit dull. The taste was cold and abit bland. Nothing too chocolatey about it and the crust wasn't that buttery nor flaky nor how it really should have been.

(Instagram @mayyb)

Will I return? I doubt it. Do I think you should go try it for yourselves? I doubt it too. I have done the leg work for you in my opinion and you should all save yourselves for something far better.

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mayyn meal - Vans

Just another Monday for me and Mondays generally mean a good brunch with a friend. So on this Monday, we went forth to Vans on Napoleon Street, Cottesloe. It is my first time there as with most of the places I go on Mondays to try new things!

It was alittle after noon and while breakfast times were already over, there were still some brekkie items on the lunch menu so I really liked that options!

I chose the potato cake with smoked salmon, spinach and poached eggs. I find it very satisfying and properly seasoned. Just the right touch.

I also really liked the look and decor of this place. I was too hungry and didnt take any photos and for that I apologise. However, it just means I have to return again!!! YAY me.

Had to order a side of onion rings because they sound so good with the lemon vinegar and salt. I really liked this, it was so fresh and the batter was so light! Fab job.

My friend ordered the pancakes which was actually really quite good. It was thick and fluffy and one of those Aussie things they do so right. Love the honey butter even if strawberries were abit too sour for me. I also would have liked more maple syrup but that's my preference!

(Instagram @mayyb)

Overall, I liked the service, the place, the vibe and the food. Will I return? Absolutely. Napoleon Street is absolutely charming on its own and who doesn't love a little browsing through the shops after food?

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mayy's Closet - Minion Mayhem

Went out to watch Iron Man 3 on a Friday Night and the cinema we went to, Reading at Belmont had all these cute Minions stands around! I was like, I need photos with them! So my friend helped me take some with Carl and Donnie.

Moving Carl away from Donnie and I dont think he was too happy about that...

See. Not happy. But I was and I think Donnie had something going on for,

I rewarded him with a little kiss and Carl got even more upset! How does a girl appease all the minions?!

Ahwell, who cares, its Donnie I want anyway ;)

HAHAHAH LAME! Okay, so I had already threw everything in the washer so I wore my peejays out. Glammed up with a black/gold jacket and gold clutch and heels always make everything better.

Completely Random

A friend sent me this sometime in Feb this year. I had gifted it to him for his 21st, how time flies. A wave of nostalgia washed over me when I saw this. It's nice to see it survived too.