Friday, May 31, 2013

mayyn meal - Crepe Cherie

I had visited this place hidden at the back of the main streets of Claremont Quarter/St Quentin's Avenue on one of those foodie Mondays. But there is a slight confession to be made. I just wasn't satisfied with  breakfast that day and needed more food. Therefore, its off to Crepe Cherie which I had wanted to try.

Looking abit simple with the French cafe kind of vibe they were trying to achieve. Well it was certainly very quiet when we were there.

If it had been a bit warmer, I would have loved to sit outdoors and sit in the sunshine for abit.

Decided to share a banana and Nutella crepe with ice cream. I suppose it did satisfy the sweet tooth in someway but certainly not the best crepe I had. And I found the prices abit too much at the beginning, and then to have tried it, didn't think the quality was all that fantastic too.

Because one crepe is not enough, we had ordered something else from the fabulous looking cake display... we went with a silky chocolate tart. (even though I did kind of want to try the almond croissant oh wells)

It looked kind of good on Instagram after I put it through the filters as shown below but really, it was abit dull. The taste was cold and abit bland. Nothing too chocolatey about it and the crust wasn't that buttery nor flaky nor how it really should have been.

(Instagram @mayyb)

Will I return? I doubt it. Do I think you should go try it for yourselves? I doubt it too. I have done the leg work for you in my opinion and you should all save yourselves for something far better.

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