Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mayy's Closet #60

60! The sixtieth item or outfit in my closet. Wow, and there's so many more to go. Oh dear... Anyway, closet cleaning out is still underway and every other day I come up with something that has gotta go, for sale sign goes up or just donate to the salvation army. Got to be ruthless sometimes when it comes to these things...

Anyway, here's a new buy that definitely won't be going anywhere else anytime soon.

A blue/white striped oxford shirt/blouse from Cotton On, finally on sale at AUD10. Thank goodness for patience and a good friend who said NO. I almost bought it at full price the other day. That's one way of wearing it, especially for summer with shorts or denim skirts.

How it looks like, longer than oxford shirts and more casual and soft. Not long enough for leggings unfortunately...

And tucked into jeans for a casual day. If work, just tuck it into pants or highwaisted skirt! Would be so good I reckon. Casually rolled up sleeves instead of leaving them long. But at least there is the option for a more formal look...

Photos credits:
An overall look pulled together by my white heels and a tan-coloured Alexa lookalike bag.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

M's Food Find #56

I have been eating so much since the cold weather set in. And not much exercise because I just want to focus on some things first. Besides, my bangs are troublesome so I have to travel back and forth alot just to shower at home and get ready.

Moving on, here's a new sushi place in the city called Iku Sushi. Apparently Iku means to go in Japanese. And the little cafe here is plastered with funky colours and backgrounds and quirky little things...Let the photos speak for themselves.

You can grab fast sushi available in the cold fridges or order hot meals where the chef will prepare in the kitchen. It is located behind Perth Underground train station, or the new mall which houses Uggys and Forever New. Next door to Nando's with a nice outdoor seating at the back.

However, it was cold dark and rainy the night I was there unfortunately.

I really liked this cute tiny pinic bench on each table which stocks all the essentials!

Cute little clock, very creative!

I ordered the Panko Onion Rings which really is just onion rings with a simple side salad and mayo. This was about AUD5.

Very environmentally friendly with the takeaway trays specially designed. Anyway, I also ordered the chicken cheeseburger sushi rolls. You read that right! It comes in a tray of 4 or 6. Thankfully I ordered 4 because they fill you up realy quick! The rolls are packed tight with sushi rice. The rolls are lightly crumbed and fried to a good standard. Something different but not the healthiest sushi around for sure. However, the chicken pieces were too little to really taste and the rice and chicken ratio just wasn't good in my opinion. I really liked the melted cheddar cheese though! Gooey goodness =) Costs you about AUD5.50 for four and AUD7.50 for six.

Li Jia ordered the bacon cheeseburger sushi rolls. Similar, just bacon instead of chicken. I had a roll of this and have a sneaking suspicion that there's beef also here. OOPS. Its not bad I would say, and you can try their new wasabi mayo with it. However, I would say just stick to the sushi on its own and its good enough.

Thinking back, it will be nice to have a small side salad with this one. Think about it Iku Sushi ;)

Anna ordered the medium sized teriyaki fish bento. Comes with side salad and spring rolls. I had a small piece and it was pretty good. Sweet sauce and the fish was soft and melty. Food comes PIPING HOT so thats a plus for us girls all cold from the wind outside.

Nurun ordered the miso soup, warms you right up but nothing fantastic. More tofu bits would be nice!

That's more chicken cheeseburgers for you with their original mayo.

Shiyu also ordered the katsu curry bento set. This one is the large size. Comes with sushi rolls and spring rolls and pasta salad. Yumyum, but I would split this. I probably can finish this if I was super hungry. Just right for the boys...

Photos credits:
The two girls also ordered a chicken karaage popcorn side. Which is really just karaage chicken balls. Super yummy. I liked this one. Addictive and pretty big pieces. Not small like popcorn. I like the substantial bite to it!

So would I return if I was down in the city? I definitely would but not often. I will not be craving it I guess and going out of my way to head down. But with the creative dishes and presentation, its worth a visit!

Till my next food find, Mayy xo Iku Sushi on Urbanspoon

Monday, June 27, 2011

M's Makeup Case

Before I blog more on clothes and food, let's take a break with make-up! My love affair with Red Earth continues...

That's one of their limited new edition lip gloss which is a glittery brown finish. It just enhances the lips and for those with a fairer skin tone. Not to be used with brown blush! It is for days or nights when you have heavy eye makeup or a pink tone.

I used one of their nude lipgloss when I first came to playing with make-up. It was a very nude pink shimmery gloss under the same range with similar looking tube except it was a silver cap. I love that as it pales my lips enough to make my cheeks colour pop. And I don't use blusher.

Try it! They stay on for quite a bit and have a thick glossy finish.

I did say I would post this up. That's the Red Earth eyeshadow aptly named Cleopatra. I'm absolutely in love with this. Goes perfectly with my wardrobe. I bought it in Bangkok's Red Earth standalone shop in Siam Paragon (I think). The dark gold dust is gorgeous. Very rock chic and elegant.

Photos credits:
And that's how it looks on. It really stays on and stains the eyelids properly. Perfect for me.

Till my next make-up case, Mayy xo

Completely Random

Photo credits:

One of the McDonald's delivery days back when I was working at Dad's, waiting for A levels results. A McCafe gourmet meal which is Teriyaki Salmon with roast vegetables. I don't think they do it anymore in Singapore. But it wasn't half bad. A healthier option from Mac's!

Mayy's Closet #59

Another day in uni but managed to somehow not get much done. Still so obsessed over selling my clothes. I need patience! Lol. Anyway, also spent three hours away at lunch. Pretty healthy but ruined it with a big slice of mudcake back at the pantry...

Here's a short closet post on a Future State halter top I wore only once thus far.

Photo credits:

After about 3 years in my closet unworn, I wore this black embellished halter dress top with grey skinny jeans last year on a night out in Perth when my cousin came to town. Bought it when I was in JC during a GSS period in Wisma Atria. I brought it back to Singapore, hmmmmm. looking at it makes me miss it. It is such an understated elegant piece with a satin finish.

Would get a close-up one of these days because there are layered details above the embellished bits. However, it is an unforgiving piece. Must be in shape to wear it. Doesn't hide bugles properly so it is not for a night where you know you are going out for a big dinner! And definitely no beer when wearing this top!

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Hello, old friend.

The crisp green courts with pure white lines. So clean under the bright spotlights. Or so lush under the hot scorching sun.

I woke up early today and spent the morning watching Wimbledon highlights. My favourite Grand Slam of all times and the one which has inspired me in so many ways.

My lovely twin rackets, now split one in each country.

I remembered how proud and excited I was when I got both of them. I remembered how much joy and pain the game has brought me. It has been about 3 years since I last stepped onto the courts, held my babies in hand, sweated and tanned my skin off. The cruelty of physical training and all the pushing from all the ex-coaches...

I missed the outfits and shoes and bags and pre-game stress. Watching the players on court today on telly, I felt this sharp pang of regret and this strong urge to play. One regret was not being introduced to the game earlier, and not guided properly to balance my life. It was tough, the travelling and the training. The mental game and physical game. I wasn't the best player in the team but I love the game as much as anyone else did. I wasn't the fittest but I knew when I put my mind to it, I would not stop until I got it in hand.

I knew which parts I loved, when I was over-thinking and over-stepping. When I was on court, nothing else existed. Drama much? But I truly loved it, and I still do. I guess fear stands in the way when you have been burnt quite badly once.

Photos credits:

A lamp made out of the familiar neon yellow balls. Maybe I will step back out there one day soon guided by the bright lights and blinding yellow. One day I will overcome the fear and superstition.

But the years spent in it taught me some lessons I will never forget and shaped me to be half of who I am. There were embarassing moments (too many), there were proud moments (few but deep in memory), there were upsetting moments (a few), there were angry moments (many of which vented out when I was young and rash).

Hey old friend, just don't completely forget me when I finally return to you...

M's Food Find #55

An overdue food find post from a couple of weeks back. Anna and I decided to head back down to Burswood and this time we had made our reservation a week in advance for it. After our mixed Sirocco experience, we were hoping for a much better one at (A)lure Restaurant and Bar within the Intercontinental Hotel.

Lovely to be greeted with complimentary canape of a smoked salmon mousse in a little icecream waffle cone. It was just cute and the smoked salmon mousse was very mild. Not overpoweringly fishy.

Way better table settings and properly served with linen across our laps.

Presented with the bread plate. Two different ones to share. The lighter looking one was chock full of olives and gave the bread a boost of saltiness and flavour. The darker brown one in the foreground was pumpkin seeds (I think?) had a harder crust but the insides were moist in comparison. Tastes better with the butter.

Anna ordered the lamb rack, about AUD48?

With brie cheese and a mashed potato side. The lamb was perfectly cooked and tender. Lovely pink and properly done in medium. The brie cheese is a perfect touch to the lamb, just adds this garlicky creamy aftertaste.

I ordered the roasted pork belly. No-brainer because I love my pork belly. It was topped generously with a skewer of five AMAZINGLY sweet scallops and a side of mashed potatos with a crust.

Finished with mustard on the side.

price was about AUD42?

The skin was properly crunchy and the meat was properly layered with the right amount of fats. Tender and absorbed the braised flavour well. The sweetness of scallops properly complimented the salty pork.

After such satisfaction, we asked for the dessert menu and took us a while to decide.

The decision: The Bakewell tart with vanilla bean ice cream. I was sold on the ice cream bit.

What a pretty little sight. Don't let that unimpressive looking thin rectangular piece of tart fool you by the way.

Photos credits:
The tart was in the perfect temperature, warm and delicious. The vanilla bean ice cream was fragrant and creamy. I love the tart, so much. I wish I had the whole thing and more. The toasted almonds gave the cake-y bit a kick, and that is saying alot because I generally am not a fan of almonds. I would go back and pay AUD17 for it again.

The setting was very dim and very classy. The service was attentive and professional. Overall, levels above that of Sirocco in all aspects. Prices are abit more expensive but well worth every cent and penny more. We used the one-for-one deal for our maincourse with the entertainment book and paid about AUD32 per person. What a steal. I thoroughly enjoyed my alluring experience at (A)lure.

Till my next food find, Mayy xo

Shoestopper #39

Hello there, how was your weekend everyone? I hope yours had been better than mine, and a whole lot less stress-free. While I did have my share of some fun, I also couldn't enjoy the whole experience properly with work weighed down in my mind. I just feel so so lost and blank, and unmotivated. Oh boy. But I am getting there and back to the right state of mind. My competitiveness probably pushes me.

Aside from all that, I was also busy with the clothes selling facebook pages. Pfffffft, it's hard trying to be efficient and organised but people just take their time or not give conclusive replies. It is a nightmare and a headache. I should learn to just let go alittle and learn to live alittle. Before we move on to food, let's do a tribute to a pair of shoes I said farewell to over this week...

Photo credits:

My taupe-coloured pair of Rubi flats/pumps which probably costs me AUD10. I love the look of suede, that is no secret. They are so high maintenance if its the real thing. This particular one is faux suede. But the look of it is so luxe and corporate. It appeals to the organised neat freak in me. Just very clean and simple. This colour is also very easy to match. Rubi's suede-like flats are very comfortable and once broken into, they become quite soft.

On top of all that, I prefer the pointed sharp front compared to round ones. Always been a personal preference. Just makes the feet slimmer in my opinion and a more professional end to the outfit. Perhaps, its a characteristic trait... What do you think, which do you prefer?

Till my next shoe-stopping experience, Mayy xo

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Completely Random

Pouring yesterday night and pretty regularly for the past couple of weeks. I hate rain. I really do. Anyway, reminded me of a photo I took in Singapore while sis and I were riding in Dad's car. Look at the low fog hanging over the buildings!

A sight to behold and so rare in Singapore...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mayy's Closet UP FOR SALE!

Hi ladies! Whoever is passing through this blog or reading it, I have made the wise but very painful decision to put my beloved closet up for sale. Not all of it but most of my party dresses which are either BRAND NEW or worn only once. They are currently selling on facebook pages in Australia and I have also just started agreeing to doing postage services. eBay is still sorting out my account issues so that will take me a week or two to set up shop there.

Brand new dresses have been put up on sale because frankly, I am not opening a clothes museum and I don't have time to wear all of my extensive dressy, ballgown, cocktail gowns, party dresses. Don't ask me why I bought them in the first place. I have only one reason to offer you: I am a hoarder. There, I said it.

Worn only once because I have this NASTY habit of wearing a party dress out for the night and I move on. It is like this fashion show, once is plenty. So I rather sell it to someone who will treasure it more than I do. Besides, responsibilities will soon dictate a decline in party nights for me. Those who know me can tell you I keep everything I own, especially shoes and clothes in pristine condition. Everything is cleaned and lined properly. Yes, I am also obsessive compulsive.

So please help me in becoming more responsible in my choices by purchasing something lovely for YOURSELF from me. The prices may be stated but make an offer because the chances are high that I will take it. Some of my stuff are still in Singapore but once I managed to bring them over, I will add more to the FOR SALE pile. Treat yourself this time round, because I treat myself too much and would love to share the joy. Pick up a bargain or three! ;)

Here are the links, enjoy:
Fashion for Sale - Perth
Cleaning out the closet
Clothes for Sale - Perth
Clothes For Sale - Perth WA
Clothing for SALE - Perth WA
Clothes for sale Perth
Clothes For Sale W.A

The items for sale are all the same for each page but I have included all because sometimes the pages get shut down for some reason or other. As long as the photos are up, the items are still available =)

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Monday, June 20, 2011

A little note from Mayy

I just realised that I had blocked Anonymous comments so no one can really comment on it unless you have a Google account. Well now, it is all reset and ready to go. Blogging has been wonderful to me this year and kept me sane. I will continue to develop and post better, more relevant topics. I am thinking commenting of clothes available for sale on certain sites I shop at online, such as Supre, ASOS, and Love, Bonito. We will see if my internet allowance allows me to do massive amount of photo uploads and survive within the limit. Meanwhile, here's wishing everyone an awesome week ahead.

Mayy's Closet #58

After all that happy blogging on colours, here's a rather dark post. By dark, I mean black. By black, I mean an all-black outfit.

I have blogged about this Dotti tunic in Closet #50 and usually I just edit the previous post on the same item and update the content. I have decided to blog this outfit under a whole new number because of two items.

Firstly, it is the printed stockings I got from Forever New recently at a steal for AUD9.95. I am devastated that I decided NOT to be a hoarder and buy two when I had the chance. So I am stuck with the one and only.

Second item is the black and white checked fedora or trilby hat I got last year from Sportsgirl at yet another bargain, AUD9.95. It is unbelievable at that price because the hat is made out of the thick suede covered material with gold thread shot through. I love it and this is the first time I have worn it out.

The lighting isn't so good but what you can tell here is that the stockings actually looked like black knee high socks. But well, it isn't. I also really like the little hearts rimmed around the knee. It is something quirky and different from what I would usually wear. But hey, overall with a strong red lip, I am liking this outfit very much.

Photos credits:
The whole look is not overly girly and slightly dark and edgy which I usually like to come off as. The stilettos here really complement the stockings, sort of a sexy schoolgirl look. But not overly cutesy. Barf Moving on, the muted gold understated glittery clutch is from Valleygirl at the best price ever, AUD4.95. I mean come on. It is a piece of accessory that looks like a million bucks but doesn't break the bank. It just makes your day better knowing you scored an amazing bargain.

Spoken like a true shopaholic, I should think.

Till my next closet raid, Mayy xo

Prints Nine

From a faint first rainbow very early in the morning on Sunday yesterday, I saw at least three more throughout my day out. It reminded me of such hopes and the beauty in nature. Most girls have this lovely fascination for rainbows. I guess, it is because of the colours and how pretty it makes everything else.

Photo credits:
It stands to reason I would have some sort of rainbow prints in my closet. And I do. I bought this Ripcurl strappy tanktop when I was in secondary school and still have it to this day. It must have been at least seven years perhaps? I can't really remember where I got this but I have a strong feeling it is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's Time Square when it was all new and just opened to public. Ripcurl had a bright spanking new standalone shop so I had to get something to remember the occasion by.

The bright blue colour reminds me of the ocean, or the sky. While the rainbow colours are abit too solid and dark for my liking, it still stands out and bring a little smile to my face everytime I look at it. I haven't worn this very often... It is somewhere in my Singapore's closet but where?

Completely Random

Photo credits:
This is the last rainbow I saw yesterday late in the afternoon. The brightest and solid one of the day. I tweeted a couple of my rainbow photos yesterday and only managed to save this on my phone. I usually delete after tweeting. So there, how do you feel when you come across a rainbow? Do you try to find a pot of gold at the end? Or like me, your subconscious grins away and puts a smile on your lips?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kitchen Venture #8: 'Bibimbap'

So it is about FOUR months since the last kitchen venture post. Since February and my kitchen experiments with cold soba, I have yet to actually cook or experiment in the kitchen since. No actually, since I moved in here, I don't cook very much. So I find ways to improvise and break the sandwich and cereal rut.

And somehow, I managed and survived. The life of a very lazy student. Lazy when it comes to feeding myself. And also I am impatient. Today doing groceries, I saw a frozen meal I wanted to get and then it said ready in 6.5 minutes, I thought that was too long to myself. Oh boy.

I am pretty easy going when it comes to food. I mean I like fine dining and I totally know what's the difference between for example, otoro and toro; woody undertones and fruity tones. Trust me, I eat enough to know and I am spoilt rotten by Daddy when I am home. Nevertheless, we can't always have good food. And thank god I can live on salads and stuff. But there are days I want something more.

Photo credits:
It came to my attention (after a couple of years) that I can buy microwavable rice. Previously I don't cook rice at home nor do I own a rice cooker. I don't like rice that much unless its sushi or when I get the mood. OKAY, back to the above photo, it is my version of the Korean dish bibimbap which is a signature Korean dish. The word literally means "mixed meal." Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste). A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The ingredients are stirred together thoroughly just before eating. It can be served either cold or hot. Vegetables commonly used in bibimbap include julienned cucumber, zucchini, mu (daikon), mushrooms, doraji (bellflower root), and gim, as well as spinach, soybean sprouts, and gosari (bracken fern stems). Dubu (tofu), either plain or sautéed, or a leaf of lettuce may be added, or chicken or seafood may be substituted for beef. For visual appeal, the vegetables are often placed so that adjacent colors complement each other.

I am not a fan of Korean cuisine as I have mentioned before but I make an exception for bibimbap because I love fresh raw vegetables and sunny side ups. So in my version, I use brown rice (microwavable ones if you are as lazy as I am). I shred cucumber, tomatoes, red onions and/or carrots or slice them into round shapes. Because those are my staple vegetables. So easy to eat them, no cooking involved and very minimal water rinsing.

After arranging them above the rice, I add baked beans or canned tuna or canned chicken or ham or pork floss. ANYTHING you like basically. You can be hardworking and fry up some minced meat and stuff. At most, you should put two of the items named in this paragraph. Because anymore would really be overkill to the rice.

After all that, you top it off with a suuny side up with a runny yolk. The yolk HAS to be runny so the rice and meat can properly soak it up when you break it. That's the best part as it adds a new level of flavour to the meal.

There, done in minutes and minimal waiting around for something to cook. As long as I am kept busy, I have no complaints. I really liked the dish being kept fresh with all the raw vegetables. Like a rice salad thing. And filled with my favourite food. You can definitely do it too. Such child's play! I would imagine a kid loading it up with M&M's and chocolate sauce or something HA HA HA.

Till my next kitchen venture, Mayy xo