Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mayy's Closet

I really am not a fan of ribbons or bows. That is definitely one of the biggest "thing" for me as far as fashion goes. However, there will always be that one or two bows which appeal to me for some odd reason... and here is a blouse I got from Taipei for work.

Managed to dress it down for summer with denim shorts. Usually pair it with highwaisted black skirts or pants for the corporate look. 

I think I liked the strong shoulders more than the bow detail. And now that, I am no longer in the corporate world, this special top will have to be let go at my next flea. I have been shopping for winter knits this past couple of weeks and staring at my bulging closet, I keep reminding myself to be abit more ruthless and let go of more items... 

It is now nearly May, let's hope the plan succeeds come December.

Mayy's Closet

I just felt like dressing up more corporate for my day at uni so I went with one of my favourite dresses for that look. This monochromatic dress definitely received alot of compliments last year when I wore it to work a few times over all four seasons.

Dress - Temt and only cost me less than $20.

Paired it with my neon pink necklace and earrings set from Lovisa which was only $3.

Dinner with my ever patient girlfriend at Mad Mex Subi because I had a mexican burrito craving!

A few outtakes - well, my sister ever so kindly put up a collage (which i will not repost here) of me and Kim Kardashian and the killer whale. all because we have white tummies and black fins?!

Really liked the simplicity of the colours and cut. A shift dress may make me look slightly more mature than my age but there is no denying the classic cut that will stand the test of time.

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Completely Random

And to close off March/start off April with champagne and good news - this post is therefore about a month overdue.

tried on neon stilettos at Target, still want a Barbie Pink one so bad!

What a lovely idea, popping a couple of blueberries into the bubbly for aesthetics.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mayy's Closet

That one dress I always say to myself that I need to stop wearing it to death and wear the other dresses in the closet. So for its last outing, I dressed it up with a cute necklace for uni.

I had this kimono style dress for work and probably wore it over ten times in a year because it was just so darn easy and comfortable to pair with all my shoes and accessories.

Belted it because it has become so loose on me. I don't understand why because I have been eating in and out of my house. I liked the pleats details just below the waistline to give the dress some sort of shape.  I really cannot seemed to remember where I have gotten this gem but I know it was a really inexpensive piece of clothing. Basics really never go wrong.

Simplicity at its best. But I have to acknowledge that I have worn it enough and my other dresses need their turn which unfortunately won't get when this one is around. I get too lazy!

Mayy's Closet

Quick outfits post on tee-shirt dresses. They are so difficult to come by!!! 

And there is a new trend with Aussie online shops so I have been so tempted with getting them in various prints. Alas, one particular cut didn't suit me so I end up having to ship everything back for refunds. Sighs. I really liked those prints. But out of so many, I found one that stuck...

I wore that to my Graduate Research School orientation and got a couple of compliments for it. The ladies loved the bright floral print. I love it too and can't wait for the warmer seasons to roll round so I can wear it again! Here's hoping I get to snag a few more in the passing months!

I know the flash sucked here but this white pink teeshirt dress is one of my first few from ages ago and survived till now. Got it in Bangkok and wished I had gotten them all in the colours available.

Tee shirt dresses are great for pairing with leggings too and layering with knitted cardigans. They are sexy yet demure and just so easy to throw on, dress up or dress down with. My closet loves are definitely maxidresses and tee-shirt dresses. Aplenty out there but rare that one is perfect. When they are perfect for your body shape, they are absolutely golden and key to feeling great even on a makeup free day. Stilettos are still my number one faves though!

mayyn meal - Food for Me

I havent been to Vic Park for ages even though I really do live a few blocks away. Its different when your friends no longer live around the area too!

Missed brunch so much so that I decided to go out on a Saturday for it. And this time, we went to Food for Thought on Albany Highway.

The shopfront may look really tiny but inside is actually quite spacious.

Outside seatings for coffee catchup or just appreciating the gorgeous weather that weekend mornings are famous for.

A choco mint milkshake for my brunch companion. Dude can afford the calories. I stuck to water because I didnt need coffee.

Coffee Essence Hotcakes were abit flat and chewy. Not the best pancakes around. They do sound good and also have that coffee aroma about it. But the taste didn't get there.

 I had the corn coriander fritters with a generous avocado portion and poached eggs. I really liked my brunch that day, I thought it was healthy and yummy. Would have been better if the avocado's been sliced or fanned out. 

Eggs ben with a side of mushrooms. Generous portion with too much bacon. Wait, is there such a thing as too much bacon? Hahaha/ But I think it was good because dude finished it all.

Yes, three plates for two persons. We were very greedy and then too stuffed at the end of it all. Would I return? Maybe...since I had one more item I wanted to try on the list. Other than that, there are many other brunch spots yet to be discovered by my taste buds!

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Mayy's Closet

Another Friday night frenzy. I made the last minute decision to head out to meet Jods for a party. Getting ready in five minutes and the end result as below...

Dress from two years ago. First time wearing it. Another buy from a stress-fuelled Supre buying online spree. I party so little these days that I have too many dresses with nowhere to wear to.

Loved the silver mirrored details which really lends a nice curve to the dress and of course my body.

Paired it simply with the usual silver clutch and black heels. Added a hint of pink with my Mango chains and pink lippie. Nothing too fancy. I had no time!

A dress that can be worn with many different accessories. definitely quite a keeper...But will be letting it go at my usual year end flea because well, we all know I have too much clothes.

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Completely Random

TOO CUTE. I almost bought the luggage pillow cushion!!! Omg. My friend had to drag me out of the store. I wanted it so bad. But she is right. I didn't need it nor does the orange go with my house decor.


Completely Random

I had missed buying flowers for my home and to see Tuba Roses come into season again, I had to have them. I love how the whole place is swathed in their fragrance come night falls.

They don't look pretty as, but I love their simplicity. Besides, girls like flowers alright.

mayyn meal - Pie Face WA

I love pies. But I try not to eat them so often because well, they are really not the healthiest thing to have around. Even if they are yummy, like Pie Face. Costs you about $5 for one but the soft crisp jaffa pie is amazing and the filling is piping hot, great for snacking on a cold winter's night for sure!

Pie Face needs to build more outlets around Perth. How can I return to Jester's after such goodness?

It is no gourmet kind of place but if you want a quick snack fix, Pie Face will do the trick.

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