Tuesday, April 2, 2013

mayyn meal - Little Stove

My first trip to this place took place some time last September. And since then, Ive been back two other times and have compiled the three visits into this blog post.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of Bicton, a small cluster of shops and on the corner sits the vintagey quirky and homey cafe that is popular with the locals and serves up great fare.


Looks like straight out of a home and so good for photo opportunities.

Free parking though limited. And on a good day, sitting outside is gorgeous.

The counter where you order the coffee and food from. Their cake displays also always look so good. I have been constantly tempted but always too full by the end of brunch.

The fireplace couch area never fails to make me smile. It truly is like a cafe modelled in someone's living room. So cute!

Some things you can buy...

Wld have loved to nicked some of these chairs and cushions for my own place haha!

Breakfast menu for the early birds and lunch at 12 noon.

Love the table setting with the vinyl record to set it.

A special that wasnt always on the menu, a spiced veggie cake with lots of rocket. It was flavoursome and yummy and healthy!

Banana bread because my cousin was craving for it and she loved it. I like something warm to go with the fabulous coffee they serve!

So gorgeous looking.

The ricotta crumpet tasted like yummy homemade goodness with that generous helping of ricotta.

The chevapici on my second visit. I love coming here for some quiet time and love being there by myself reading and enjoying the good weather and food. I loved the baked beans which was to die for and just generally a healthy meal to start the day.

and on my most recent visit, the asparagus and smoked salmon with goat cheese and poached eggs. it was a busy morning when I got there that day and i was abit disappointed for its presentation and slightly broken poached eggs. Not the place's best efforts. Asparagus was also not as fresh as I would have preferred.

Lucky for them, the flavours were held together very nicely still and made for a good morning breakfast. Maybe next time, they will still put up a more consistent effort! Because for sure, I am bound to return time and again as my little escape.

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  1. the poached eggs on the aspagragus are meant to be split with the yolk oozing out (I work there) - thanks for the review :)

    1. Thanks for clarifying that! Still top job over at the cafe!