Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M's Food Find #71

A meet-up with a junior college friend over the summer brought me to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. It was a fairly new place then with not much eateries (affordable) going on. So I stumbled across a beautifully decorated in old Hollywood glamour style cafe.

Like most girls, I fall for the gorgeous exteriors.

Champagne bar. The name of this place... High Society.

My sister had told me about the desserts and cupcakes were relatively new in the market then. So this cafe was making a bit of a splash in the hot new place in town.

I like the ambience. But found its shop space abit too small and abit too close to the outside world for comfort. Its interior decorating begs for a deeper seclusion and a getaway of some sort.

However, we eat.

The caesar salad was quite refreshing. But the heap of cheese wasn't something I would like too often. We had the lunch menu which was quite affordable then.

My friend had this and I think she quite liked it. No severe complains and it looks quite pleasing to my eye. Not too dry?

As for me, I got boring and ordered fish and chips. But it was good fish and the batter was light and crispy with the fish moist within. I was quite impressed. But the tartare sauce could be abit more tart in taste.

And how could we leave without desserts?

That chocolate looked pretty delicious...

The pistachio filling was amazingly light against that rich moist fluffy chocolate cake. While the portion looks obnoxiously small, I would say it was just right because it was very rich. A fitting end to my lunch date.

See what I mean about being too close to the outside world, I can see it even though we were sitting quite at the end already.

Anyways, will I be back? Perhaps when I'm in the area next...however, having always liked trying new things, MBS Shoppes has morphed into a full-fledged mall on its own so I have plenty of other viable options to choose from.

Did I mention service was quite good too? Oh well, now I wanna go back again. That should say quite abit. For now, I shall end this post and go answer my mother's calls to pack my luggage. I am due to fly out this weekend for Bangkok. A city that's close to my heart and one which I return to every year.

Mayy's Closet #90

I just got instagram (@mayyb) and Ive been obesessively posting photos and hashtagging them. My friends alternate between "stop spamming us" and "stop making us hungry". Shrugs. Then I got hooked on looking through the beautiful fashion photos or style photos that ladies take of themselves or by someone else. They look amazing and I marvel at their efforts. Truly there are no ugly people in this world, only lazy ones. I am slightly blessed but I know I can be lazy. No trace of makeup if I can help it and definitely a dress if I can get away with it. I live for a slightly more casual, beach/surf vibe most of the days. But I also know when I get to dress up, I go all out. Unfortunately, I also on the daily basis try to skim by with the minimal of efforts.

And here's one of those days.

The Bardot dress was bought at a steal and so were the Forever New sunnies and envelope clutch.

I love that scalloped edged, cutout clutch in that vintage rose colour. I have since sold it because well to be honest, I think I have two others in different colours.

The sunnies were something different and never fails to hide my eyebags and add a pop of colour and glameowness to my outfit.

I wore that particular outfit with my satin coral ballet pumps from Novo and felt like abit feminine.

This dress is simple no doubt. But the sleeves were baggy enough to let the arms breathe and cool the summer alittle, or add warmth during autumn. Whichever. Its a dress that goes with every season and I must be grateful for that.

I love the cut-in hems at the side and just give it that little bit of sexiness to an otherwise ordinary little black dress.

I like the lace details and cinched stretch waist as it lends abit of oomph to an otherwise less endowed area.

Like most of my clothes, it is something for the day, something for the night, something through the seasons. Like I said, I am lazy. But then again, shortcuts can sometimes come in so many lovely ways no?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mayy's Closet #89

As I go about my life, my head is filled with the potential clothing line I have created since I was a kid and never truly found shops that could satisfy me entirely, fashion wise. Affordablilty is always an issue. And quality. I just can never truly find these. But when I do, I build them into my bulging closet.

Today, I blog about my uniform. For plane rides, and all kinds of travel modes, normal days, bored days, and just overall laziness.

This electric blue oversized top is from Supre. I sometimes wear it as a dress during summer because thankfully, I am short enough as it is. Which explains my fascination with heels.

I love the oversized look and throwing on a pair of leggings for comfort. Accessories and makeup go a long way to make this outfit go from casual to dressy. I usually pile bangles (assorted and never matching) on my arms, and simple stud earrings with a statement necklace. Otherwise, it is statement earrings and simple necklace chains.

Since leggings are only good in black mostly, the makeup veers towards heavy eyeliner and darker eyeshadow shades. Perhaps I am never the pink toned kinda girl?

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

Honestly, I prefer wearing leggings over my ankles so they appear longer instead of stopping short over the shoes. Ahh well, the platform wedges from Wittner's are already winning and attention-drawing all on its own. So the nude colour works well for its design and for spring and summer.

M's Food Find #70

Appropriately blogging about a food place I've been here in Singapore, though it was during last summer. It was memorable in the sense that it was a sister thing. I hardly spend time with her and it was nice to just chill and have some good food, us two.

She has picked out P.S. Cafe at Ann Siang Hill. Abit of a walk if you dont have a car or you dont wish to cab. Otherwise, pretty quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We are seated down at the very top because sis had wanted to check out the place for her twentyfirst birthday dinner party. I like the candlelights and dim lighting.

I remembered not being terribly impressed with their standard of food with their pricetags. I reckon there are alot more hole-in-the-wall eateries in singapore (without such fanfare) that serve up better quality in that price range.

But I must give them credit. Their shoestring Truffle Fries never fails to bring my tummy delight. I have also been to their outlet at Palais Renaissance with a girlfriend where it was a good place for quiet catchup in town and chilling out for abit from shopping.

Whats a dinner without dessert? And after so many recommendations on their sticky date pudding, I had to try it right?

And so I did... and digged into it excitedly, Perhaps it is better to never have too high expectations? Because I find myself usually disappointed when it comes to these things. I find it too sweet and obviously holding it to Marmalade Pantry's standard will always be slightly difficult to be matched...

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

So as we conclude our dinner, I would say the food is quite good on the whole for such a commercialised place. The setting is wonderful for intimate dinners, particularly on special date nights. It is sure to please the partners or impress anyone for the first time.

As for me, I keep the more accessible outlets of PS Cafe in mind for future reference when I need some truffle fries!


Been back home for a week now, and while I enjoy being back with the family and friends... I find myself not entirely settled because I know I still have unfinished business over there. I wonder when I will truly be done and settle down in one city. It is frankly quite tiring.

The break is doing me good, because I rest and think about what is it that I actually want. For now, I am finding out ways to put my foot into things I have always wanted to do. And hopefully in five to ten years time, I will be properly allowed to pursue all that I want and have them all as my job.

Give me two more weeks. and I will go back to really notebooking it all down. I need some structure and schedules.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shoestopper #59

Good evening everyone. How did your weekend go? I spent mine mostly reading the Time Traveller's Wife and feeling fully upset. And chatting philosophically with my friends.

Anyway, shoes make me happier!

This pair of gorgeous colourblocking retro block heels were bought sometime last year and havent yet been worn.

I really like the little detailed platforms in front. Oh, and the two colours are so pretty together. Ive loved it for so long and its great that it was in style last year. I dont often buy items just because they are in style of the season. I only really buy stuff when I can see them living with me for a longer term than that and I can see it as part of my own style.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

Block heels... I have never really worn heels that thick. They are usually quite skinny stilettos. Ah well, they do feel more supportive though when I tried them out in the Dotti store.

How would you dress this up? I havent really given that much thought. Yes and I bought it. I wasnt really thinking straight okay. It was retail therapy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mayy's Closet #88

I just thought I would make up for the short closet post earlier. Okay, so I'm just a little bored.

Not the most glamorous of scenes but I was on a tight schedule! And I was with my parentals so not really anyone to help me take a cute photo..

I paired the Supre pink v-neck top with the Supre mesh maxiskirt. The corset belt was a buy from Taipei. The grey cardigan is from Chicabooti. And my beloved glitter stilettos! I just felt very tall and long in that outfit. Maybe its the maxiskirt. But good illusion for someone quite petite like I am!

I was staying at the hotel with the parentals so I didnt have much choice really. Had to throw together outfits with whatever I have packed. As I only wore that for the couple of hours in the cold winter's night, I decided to re-wear the same stuff for another simpler night out...

Except this time, I wore my coral ballet flats and used the pink top as merely an accent.

To spice up this seemingly simple outfit, I wore my peacock ring...

Aint it cute! But so big, and certainly a conversation starter!

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

But of course, I prefer feeling a tall drink of soda for a dinner, and leave the ballerina outfit for a daytime outing!

Shoestopper #58

Speaking of the year 2011, my shopping buys were quite...extensive? Did it break the bank, no not quite. But it certainly had me stumped in 2012 when I looked at my bulging closet.

Anyway, another good buy of the year goes to this cute little pair of embellished flats from Kmart. It certainly served me well for a year through the different weathers. Jazzing up any old outfits I had on. I eventually let it go this year in April, somewhere along Europe.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

I love a little rock and roll in the daily life. Nothing too sugary sweet for me. And I more often than not, paired this with the green dress from the prior post. some eyeliner and a matching embellished black bag...

(I drift away to 2011's good memories)

Mayy's Closet #87

This dress sure was one of my absolute favourites. Through winter to summer of 2011. Paired with stockings  and heels or booties and a beret and scarf. Or gladiator sandals and chunky necklaces.

Photo credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

A steal from Supre at less than 10bucks. It lasted me a year and I only really let it go because I had worn it so often in a year that I got quite sick of it...well. not really. more like I felt bad for the other dresses in my wardrobe! I love the neckline and bell sleeves and its flattering style. A little retro and simplicity, but I suppose thats me on a normal day..

M's Food Find #69

Good evening everyone. The weekend falls upon us once more. I hope everyone's had a good week. Otherwise. make up for it during the weekend! It looks to be sunny and nice for us here. Unfortunately, I dont have much plans for now. I am getting used to it. But I suppose the stars have been trying to teach me something for awhile now. I am probably just grasping it.

ANYWAY, enough rambling. Let's talk food. I have been craving for Japanese ramen for so long now but haven't really got round to satisfying it. So let's blog about it!

This crowded little place is tucked away on a nondescript street in the city of Perth. Slightly away from the shopping strip. Called NAO, lunchtime crowd during the weekdays can really get wayy busy and the wait can take a while. But let's see if it is worth it.

I went there with a friend during summer...so I managed to have the special ramen!

The dipping noodles were very good. So springy and flavourful. The toppings were just the right amount to the noodles. I really cannot say much about it except I would gladly queue for it. And thats saying alot. Its worth the wait. definitely one of the best ramen I have had and also in Perth.

Had to end the lunch with dessert - azuki beans stuffed fishcakes. The outerskin was thin and crispy and the azuki beans filling was generous and a hint of sweetness. Oh it sure brought me back to Tokyo...

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

The last photo is just one of their signature soup ramen dishes. Well, my lunch companion preferred Kai (another Japanese Ramen place which I had previously blogged about), but I think the noodles at Nao were more authentic. The chashu though thinly sliced had that smokey flavour which is so addictive, and so soft...

Sadly, the ramen egg was not featured. It would have made it to an 8 or 8.5/10 for me...but for now its 7.5/10 rating is good enough for me. Have you been? What do you think? Nao Japanese on Urbanspoon

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shoestopper #57

Ahhhh, now that I have started again. How can I not get to writing about shoes at all! I certainly did not yesterday but I shall make up for it today. With a pair that has a special memory.

I bought this pair of leather block wedges from Wittner's last year. I completely love the nude classic colour and the simple wood grained design.

The round toe front makes my feet looks daintier and tinier. I dont have big feet but its just so sweet and ladylike to have seemingly cute slim feet no?

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

Now why is this pair so special to me? Well, I got it during the great summer sale so it really was such a good buy for great quality that Wittner's are known for. But the real reason was I finally wore it this year for my graduation ceremony. The ceremony was held on the grass, so stiletto heels really wasnt going to make it easy for me. And I love to be in heels so this pair was it. It was insanely high, and just makes it easier to walk on grass as well. However what I didn't count on was the stiff back. I ended up with bloody ankle blisters which were pretty bad but nothing could mar my night! I walked with intense pain the whole night and blood. But everyone still remarked to me how I managed to walk in such high heels all night and look as though I am wearing flats. Well, my feet has always been arched and feels right at home with heels.

No pain No gain? right?

My weakness. What's yours?

M's Food Find #68

Now yesterday's food find was in Singapore, today's shall feature something in Perth where I am. I went there in during the seasonal change between winter and spring so still relatively cold. Located in the heart of Subiaco, and on Rokeby Road, Witch's Cauldron is known for its fare and quite a dining experience. I was quite excited to bring my parents there on their visit because well, given its good reviews from quite a few people I know and its reputation...

Here we go.

So not impressed with alot of Aussie restaurants' menus. Such classless presentation for the prices we are to be paying. Its always the whole package. A piece of paper hardly shows any signs of details does it?

The decoration is obviously quite inspired by the name and the interior is pretty cosy I would say.

The scallops were beautifully done. Very fresh and juicy. The right touch of panseared goodness. However, in my opinion the good point ends here...

I ordered the lamb shank. I had the biggest craving and finally had the chance to have it. To me lamb shank should be melting off the bones, this wasn't really quite up to scratch. The mash was quite buttery and smooth, with the gravy, pretty yums. I didnt even quite want the lamb after that. Which is a big pity because the point of this dish is the shank not the mash!

Mama had the fish, she quite liked it. It was fresh but slightly overcook. She didnt find anything too wow about on the whole.

The famous garlic prawns. I also have a friend who I knows completely adores this. She loves it so much I can see her practically drooling just the thought of it. So does it live up to its hype? Well, the prawns were fresh and plump. You can just taste the ocean. The sauce was slightly bland and the garlic punch could have been stronger.

And we had to end the dinner with dessert, I aint going anywhere without dessert. I want some. And we did. Ordered the sticky date toffee pudding to top off the very aussie dinner menu. The butterscotch sauce was quite burnt? I didnt find it to-die-for. The toffeepudding, lets just say I have had better.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

And of course, with Daddy around, there will always be wine... Cute touch on the wine glasses.

Will I return? Probably not. Will I recommend it to any visitors? Probably not. Will I take my friends and family there when they visit? Probably not. Why? Because there are much better places around with better prices. And maybe I am spoilt with the standard of fine dining I have been exposed to all around the world.

And honestly, the prawns and scallops which were outstanding here, it was really the quality of the produce which i can find in the amazing markets around here and cook it myself. Have you been? What's YOUR experience like? The Witch's Cauldron on Urbanspoon