Tuesday, October 23, 2012

M's Food Find #71

A meet-up with a junior college friend over the summer brought me to Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. It was a fairly new place then with not much eateries (affordable) going on. So I stumbled across a beautifully decorated in old Hollywood glamour style cafe.

Like most girls, I fall for the gorgeous exteriors.

Champagne bar. The name of this place... High Society.

My sister had told me about the desserts and cupcakes were relatively new in the market then. So this cafe was making a bit of a splash in the hot new place in town.

I like the ambience. But found its shop space abit too small and abit too close to the outside world for comfort. Its interior decorating begs for a deeper seclusion and a getaway of some sort.

However, we eat.

The caesar salad was quite refreshing. But the heap of cheese wasn't something I would like too often. We had the lunch menu which was quite affordable then.

My friend had this and I think she quite liked it. No severe complains and it looks quite pleasing to my eye. Not too dry?

As for me, I got boring and ordered fish and chips. But it was good fish and the batter was light and crispy with the fish moist within. I was quite impressed. But the tartare sauce could be abit more tart in taste.

And how could we leave without desserts?

That chocolate looked pretty delicious...

The pistachio filling was amazingly light against that rich moist fluffy chocolate cake. While the portion looks obnoxiously small, I would say it was just right because it was very rich. A fitting end to my lunch date.

See what I mean about being too close to the outside world, I can see it even though we were sitting quite at the end already.

Anyways, will I be back? Perhaps when I'm in the area next...however, having always liked trying new things, MBS Shoppes has morphed into a full-fledged mall on its own so I have plenty of other viable options to choose from.

Did I mention service was quite good too? Oh well, now I wanna go back again. That should say quite abit. For now, I shall end this post and go answer my mother's calls to pack my luggage. I am due to fly out this weekend for Bangkok. A city that's close to my heart and one which I return to every year.

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