Tuesday, December 18, 2012

mayyn meal - L'Atelier Joel Robouchon

Hello y'all. Hows the week before Christmas? Ive been shopping alot and of course just feeling abit more relaxed now that I know what 2013 holds for me. 

My little sister had her birthday just before I returned to Perth and while I didn't make such a big fuss for her this time round, she knows I love her and I probably spoil her more than anything in the world. And last year it was a big one anyway so Daddy took us all to Joel Robouchon at RWS in Singapore.

Relive my memories with photos overload...

That's the quiet fine dining side but we decided to go join the more casual side of things.

Still very fancy though!!!

Love the wine cellar, exquisitely presented like floating...

Doesnt this look pretty!

Just something to start us off, amazing amuse boche.

sis' little burgers...

Complimentary birthday cakes and us all singing a song for her.

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

The food was amazing and very nicely presented. The tastes were obviously better than how they looked. I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner that night and it was just sooooo amazing. Obviously prices are on the $$$$$$$$$ side. but its not everyday one turns XX. not sure if she wants me to reveal her age hahahha!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vacation - Krabi and Ko Lanta

I just returned from a trip in Thailand. But not traditionally to Bangkok nor Phuket. I visited the islands of Krabi and Ko Lanta, with of course the motivation to attend one of my cousin's wedding in Ko Lanta.

Travelling was quite tiring for me because I had to fly from Perth and do little stopovers in Perth. By the time I got home to my apartment here in WA, I pretty much crashed. 

Anyway, the trip was nothing I had in mind but the wedding made it worthwhile. It is always beautiful to share in someone's special day and to watch the love on their faces for one another. 

Thailand is beautiful as a country but somehow I didn't quite get that impression during this trip to be honest. Anyhow, there are always positive moments in every vacation.

Below are a few photos that I really liked throughout my trip. A bit jumbled up but hopefully the captions help.

the gorgeous sky during the wedding ceremony at Ko Lanta.

My pretty awesome villa at Aonang, Krabi.

Yummy Thai Iced Tea and the staple for every Thai vacation diet, Chang Beer - at Emerald Pool, Krabi.

The wedding destination and resort where we all stayed at - Ko Lanta

Looks yummy? A restaurant by the pier at Ko Lanta

The private villas view with an amazing limestone backdrop 
from the hotel reception at Aonang, Krabi.

The Hot Spring at Krabi

Wedding table setting. Gorgeous array of flowers and the vibrant colours are amazing against the white decor and beach backdrop.

My obsession, pad thai. I have it everyday, about twice. 

The airport runway at Krabi

The pool at our resort in Krabi.

via my instagram, @mayyb

Gorgeous flower at the Tiger Cave Temple, Krabi

Emerald Pool, Krabi. Worth the hike up? Not so much...

The Hot Spring at Krabi, looks murky no?

Our beachfront villa at Ko Lanta.

Mai Tai for the cocktail reception at Ko Lanta.

Amazing Mango sticky rice found at the local night market at Krabi on weekends.

Best Tom Yum soup during the trip, at Cook-Kai, Ko Lanta

Amazing?! I had to pay 200 baht. pffft. 
to see green moss and algae which gave the water the green colour, no thanks.

Their hospitality is pretty amazing.

The amazing reception at another resort at Aonang, Krabi

Aonang beach...much better than what you can find in Singapore but I would very much like to stick to my Aussie beaches. Thank you.

Sunrise at Aonang, Krabi.

Sunset at Ko Lanta.

The wedding cake. I mean, how does one even find macarons in Ko Lanta?!?!?!

Photos credits: mayydiaries.blogspot.com

And of course the beautiful set-up.

Will I return? Most probably not. But perhaps I will with friends or a lover. But its definitely not a family kind of holiday. well, not with my wacky family at least. hahhaa since if I go there, I know all I wanna do is to read a good book, lay on the beach or by the pool and do nothing. But then again, I can do that all here...hmmm.