Monday, December 3, 2012

Time for a Shoestopper!

And you would have noticed that the numbering has stopped. December is time to make the year better, and pace yourself for the new year and the new resolutions you might have had. I usually start early so it is not so much of a shock come the new year for the new ways of life. 

Anyhow, speaking of shock...

My pretty new flats from the recent trip to Bangkok. With a hint of the gold tips. 

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The flats are abit slippery on the soles side. And abit hard all round. But I liked the colour too much and hoping for it to eventually be broken into.

Mum thinks the neon pink is a bit too much. But hey, alot of days especially colder seasons Im nearly always in all black. and this is a nice way to break it up. Dont you think?

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