Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Belated, I know.
This year Valentine's Day also falls on the Chinese V.Day too, the last day of CNY...
Spent it with my family all day so I am very blessed.
Gave Mum, Dad and sis cards this year...
Mum got a ring because I know she liked it and I really wanted to get it for her to make up for all the birthdays, mother's days etc that I didn't get to spend with her.
I hope your CNY was filled with alot of love and yummy food.

Those sunset roses are one of my favourite kinds to have around at home so when I saw them at Subi markets this Sunday, I got it for my homesick self.

Mayy's Closet

One of the more ill-fitting dresses I wore during this trip. But I so do like the colour and the design of it....

 It is too big on me and hangs too low on the body with the neckline being too long...

Kept things relatively simple and pink tone-ish on the makeup.

Closeup on the pearl neckline

Mayy's old Closet

Drudged up a couple of old old dresses (havent worn in years!) for this CNY because I was running out of colourful dresses and I really didn't want to wear repeat outfits for 15 days.

Managed to get tickets for the musical My Fair Lady which opened on 11 Feb. Managed to spot Zoe Tay at the musical, she looked fab and youthful. always have been my favourite Singaporean star.

Wearing this dress always makes me feel like a walking Chinese painting...

With mama for the musical, nice of her to come with me! I love love love this musical and if you are in Singapore, try and catch it. Definitely my fave! SO GOOD! What a killer cast with great voices

Also wore this olivegreen gold maxidress for dinner with the family on the the last 2 nights of my trip back. Wearing this always makes me feel like some sort of royalty and put me in such a glamorous mood.

Mayy's Closet

I was getting lazier each day with dressing up but I still maintained as brightly coloured as I could.

A neon yellow daisy cutout top will do the job aint it?

With a simple black bodycon skirt and black.gold snake detailed sandals for my lunch out with some of the JC classmates.

Closeup of the daisy cutout details. Mum made me wear a crop top in there. Jeez, doesnt she know it's really humid and hot out there! And this neon-yellow material may look light but it ain't, it was very structured and quite warm.

Mayy's Closet

Wore this out on my Friday night out with friends. Apparently one said I look like a giant Angpow, I will take that. it is CNY, and its just auspicious!

Kept this dress for awhile before deciding to wear it for CNY this year. 
Love the spiderwebby design across my shoulders.

Also love the fact that this dress gives me boobs. Seriously, so good!

Met up with Mel the birthday girl for a quick one before she dashed off to her gathering. I didn't wear my grey Zara suede heels out because I needed a bit more comfort for all the walking I had to do so a pair of milktea-coloured wedges did the job.

With XH and a few of her friends for the night. Relatively chill, nothing major which was good because I was reeling from my AusDay party.

Mayy's Closet

I managed to wear something new every day for the first 10 days of CNY, then I managed to avoid all-blacks or even all-dark colours for an outfit for all 15 days of CNY!

Wore this out for lunch with cousins and aunt and mum.

Absolutely LOVE the back details on this dress. What a cool twist on the whole dress. Unfortunately it is a wee bit short even on me! So I had to wear bummers underneath.

It was given to me by my cousin Clara because she is alot taller than I am.
Anyway, paired it with studded Zara kitten heels, black gold accessories and my favourite Prada bag.

just some photos of the new year if you aren't on my facebook nor instagram...

my favourite CNY meal right there!

at eldest aunt's place with her cooking!

best yu-sheng I ever had.

Kitkat Krispy Kreme donut

Red Velvet Krispy Kreme donut only available in Singapore

Green Goddess Pasta in P.S. Cafe

and of course, whats a day without some form of chocolate?

mayyn meal - Nanbantei at Far East, Singapore

After finding out that the Sushi bar was closed for lunch on the day I went, Q and I decided to head upstairs and check out the yakitori place which has been around for ages. In fact, they were celebrating their 30th anniversary!

It really reminded me of Japan and the food shows I watched.

Had the lunch bento box set which consisted for 5 different yakitori sticks and delicious minced meat and mushrooms on rice. Too big for one but too small for two. However we shared this and ordered some other stuff too!

This was the pork belly with yuzu citrus paste. A little too salty but what a treat with the meat tender and grilled perfectly.

Also had the Chicken with Plum and Shiso leaves. When it was on the grill, I remembered looking at it and kept thinking it looked really good the whole piece right there. What a chunk... and then it arrived on my counter. Really happy with this one. So yums!

This place is not really cheap per se but I quite like it and if I am in the area, I definitely won't mind dropping in!

mayyn meal - Lady M in Marina Square, Singapore

Been seeing alot of the cakes from Lady M on instagram so I thought it was time for me to go check it out. After all, with Oprah Winfrey being a fan, I should really see what is the fuss all about.

Very clean cut look and spacious. I like it. Even if it may abit dental and not cozy.

The Vanilla Mille Crepes are the most popular ones, and indeed, it was light and creamy and just wonderfully delicious. It was perfection in a forkful.

Also had the Gateux aux Marrons which had very faint chestnut accents and a little too much cream. Overall, alright.

The Strawberry Millefille wasnt anything to shout about, but not too bad because not sweet. 

I like the Mille Crepes best and deffo will return for them!

Mayy's Closet - CNY Day 3

This year, CNY had a long weekend for us to celebrate so whee! 3 days of fun! 

I spent the morning doing my donut bun which took a while since the last time I had it done, a hairdresser did it for me and she made it look so darn easy! Anyway, turned out well and I used the largest size too. When I was buying it, the sales assistant had the audacity to tell me she had longer hair and still couldn't use it and asked if I should buy a smaller one if it was for myself. I just told her I am getting it and I wished I could tell her and show her that it was probably her lack of skill, not hair. SHEESH.

Rant over, this is my third morning's outfit since we were going out for lunch after family came to visit my place. Wanted to work the Zara floral skirt my mum picked out for me in the Philippines since I could not go on that trip with them. Borrowed sis Balenciaga clutch for the photo.

Wore my purple Ally peplum top and accessories gold/bronze. I was deciding between the purple top or the seafoam green top, would have preferred the latter but left it in Perth since I had to rely on my memory of the skirt in Singapore and work with that. Sometimes, what a chore having wardrobes in different cities.

Used my Forever New fan clutch actually. I would rather have the Lulu Guinness one but I guess I would have to save for that one down the years.

Mum and I at the restaurant, yes she's still gorgeous after all those years. I sincerely hope I have her genes even though I have my paternal side's body structure.