Tuesday, February 18, 2014

mayyn meal - Nanbantei at Far East, Singapore

After finding out that the Sushi bar was closed for lunch on the day I went, Q and I decided to head upstairs and check out the yakitori place which has been around for ages. In fact, they were celebrating their 30th anniversary!

It really reminded me of Japan and the food shows I watched.

Had the lunch bento box set which consisted for 5 different yakitori sticks and delicious minced meat and mushrooms on rice. Too big for one but too small for two. However we shared this and ordered some other stuff too!

This was the pork belly with yuzu citrus paste. A little too salty but what a treat with the meat tender and grilled perfectly.

Also had the Chicken with Plum and Shiso leaves. When it was on the grill, I remembered looking at it and kept thinking it looked really good the whole piece right there. What a chunk... and then it arrived on my counter. Really happy with this one. So yums!

This place is not really cheap per se but I quite like it and if I am in the area, I definitely won't mind dropping in!

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