Thursday, November 29, 2012

Completely Random

Now after that previous nasty 'review', we do need abit of desserts to cheer us up dont we?

I managed to also catch up with XH during my trip back in October and she brought me to Antoinette at Penhas Road, Lavendar.

I have heard alot about this particular outlet and the exterior did look quite good. The interior with the amazing French Renaissance furniture was like my favourite kind of playground. And the sweets.

I had to try their new cake, Angelique. Hmmm, it was very sweet. too sweet.

XH's - it was not bad. I have had better cake. so nothing to be woah about.

So safe to say my first experience was not really that good food-wise. But i had a wonderful time drinking my favourite earl grey tea and chatting with my girl after months away.

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Looking forward to more tea-time with my girlfriends and even dudes on my next trip back.

M's Food Find #82

Ahhh, now back to the culinary scene of Singapore.

Found next to Wimbly Lu and on the same row of shops like the Italian eatery La Pizzaiola as featured previously here, we have The Fat Cat.

Tucked away at the end of the row of shophouses at Jalan Riang, this cafe brings together indian food, thai food and simple french fare.

Generally I am not impressed with places that offers such assortment and no focus.

Sis had this, good for the humid weather I would say.

I craved for my french onion soup but such disappointment. Like drinking pepper soup really. Quite bland too.

we ended up ordering mostly indian curries and tandoori chicken. The curries were watery and bland. Not much flavour there. and definitely just not worth it.

The papadum were abit flat. The chicken was ok, could be better. Nothing to shout about. 

Abit sad to say this stuffed tofu dish from the Thai corner is the best thing we had. And it really isnt that much, Just that the tofu was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. One cannot really go wrong there.

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so we wanted the bailey's gelato but it was sold out. So we got a brownie instead. Which looks quite pathetic. It was warmed up but really I can bake better brownies.

The prices were just not justifiable given the standard of food. In fact, I will never return. And I dont know who would pay any kind of money for substandard food. We live in Singapore where the hawker centres really do offer wayy better quality even.

Tough luck fat cat, get off your fat arse and maybe work the brains out abit to see how to improve.

Completely Random

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Speaking of luxury and leisure, I am brought back to a recent girl-time with Belle in Singapore. We caught up for lunch at DTF before me doing a spot of splurge shopping at Loewe (not for me, but I get to pretend). and then we decided to head to our favourite spots in town. Palais Renaissance, P.S. the smell.

And then truffle fries and oreo milkshake for tea. What more could a couple of girls ask for?

M's Food Find #81

After being here in Perth long enough, I finally made it to this wonderful cafe located right in the heart of Kings Street, the luxury shopping strip that houses LV, Tiffany's and soon Chanel.

My first time here was last year in Oct/Nov with my ex-housemate and I have gone back there a few times subsequently.

No. 44 Kings Street. Prices dont come cheap but the food? Well, lets see.

I like the views though ;)

Luxurious aint it? But totally worth it given the place you are in.

Alas, we had coffee instead. Good strong ones.

My companion's salmon pesto cake brunch. I myself had it before too and found it quite nice. Something different from the usual brunch items. I like the deviation. Hollandaise sauce was abit too thick for my liking.

My banana pancakes. It was amazing. Completely yummy. Had it twice since. Once was while I was nursing a killer hangover. Let me tell you, sugar and sweets do not cure hangover. I felt even shittier after. But the pancakes were good. Now I want some.

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Well, the prices are abit steep. But worth the indulgence once in awhile. Especially when the sun is shining, the cool breeze blows, the sky is a brilliant shade of blue. And everyone deserves to be spoiled once in awhile. Take your time. Leisure when you can afford it is already a luxury.

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Mayy's Closet #94

So watching tv as usual. And really thinking about all the clothes I have in my wardrobe and ideas that I have about them. But never really worn them because I am afraid of ruining them. Pishtosh. I need to get out of that frame of mind and start living.

All those money spent and not worn? Hmmmm.

Anyways, this closet post is on the Terranova rock-chic top I got in Philippines. Rocker chic is really how I can describe it. Just look at the studs and chains. In black and silver no less. And heavy smokey eyeliner look. I paired it with the old-school skirt I had from Supre. I since left this skirt somewhere in France because Mum said my butt looked big in it. Yeah well, after all the pasta I ate in Italy, the bum would looked big in anything.

The studded shoulder pads and cut of the sleeveless top really makes abit more masculine. More oomph to the tough style.

I had on red lips and strong eyeliner going on in this outfit I wore in Florence with cuffed Volcom jeans. And of course my rockstar sunnies from Chanel. Lucky it was a sunny day during the one-day visit. I miss the city so much and I cannot believe my second time back had to only be a few hours. 

Chilling in the square... paired with embellished ankle chained flats

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And one last photo before I bid farewell to Firenze for the second time. Will be back my beloved city. On my mind everyday.

Ricky & I.

And the good news have been broken. The announcement of the new coach on the Voice Australia for 2013. After the departure of Keith Urban after only one season.

I thought it could be perhaps Benji Madden to join Joel. But of course, none better chosen than Mr Ricky Martin himself. 

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My love for music began when I was very young, listening to Dad's CD choices in the car. I never really liked most of it. Until Daddy got a new CD one day and the latin-licious sounds of a certain chiselled handsome dude filled the car. Ricky's very first CD with the dance moves and spanish ways of love and living.

I would say my very first popstar crush had to be this guy over here. Who wouldn't. And he definitely looked better as the years gone by. 

I am beyond excited for the Voice to begin showing on telly here next year. I know I watched last year because Joel Madden was quite the charmer. And of course occasionally there's Benji in it. But now, it will be to see how Mr Martin here coaches his team. OH GOODNESS, arent these talented kids lucky to be able to be on his team. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. not fair.

Dad's since given me that CD I loved. And for now, I shall go put it in the player and let the apartment be filled with some passionate music.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shoestopper #64

Enough about food. But I am trying to get this blog up to date and re-vamp the labels and titles too. I have been stuck at home for quite a while now. and will be here till just before Christmas. Part of me is actually quite happy because I can really relax and spend more time with my friend here. And go to the beach and enjoy the food for abit. 

But really, most parts of me are itching to get my brains tickling again and just being motivated and passionate about my work. Ahhh, thats something for another day.

For now...

This very simple pair of flats with the most amazing arch in the soles that fits my feet perfectly. and the soft velvety felt black material, and the shiny gold front.

I was in love when I saw it in Bangkok and had to get it.

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Costs me less than 10bucks, Its simple assymetrical lines and blackgold combination steals my heart.

Cheap pleasures in life. What's yours?

M's Food Find #80

I go to this place really often for brunch. The chef recognises my father who really visits once every year. HAH.

But I really liked the local surfer beach vibe. and right on the Cottesloe Beach strip, the view is great too.

Beaches Cafe on Marine Parade. I have tried quite a few of their items and you order at the counter. Great coffee. and oh, cash only!

My favourite has to be their oven baked open faced omelette. It takes some time to serve up but the wait is so worth it. It used to come served in the hot pan but these days its as pictured above. I quite like the pan idea though. Ingredients vary...but usually its feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and ham/bacon. Sometimes avocado on the side. and spinach! Very healthy and so so so filling!!! really great w toast strips and shared with a friend.

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And their eggs benedict is something my sister craves for all the time. It is fresh and the hollandaise sauce done perfectly.

Their baked beans are very yummy too with a slight mexican tang.

Safe to say I return there all the time despite the many choices one has on the Cottesloe Beach strip. and I have been to most of the other places too.

I love the beach. Its what keeping me here in Perth really.

M's Food Find #79

A very unassuming place tucked away next to V Burger in East Victoria Park. Order and pay at the counter, yummy iced Bandung drink.

Indonesians come here to get their fix too and it really says quite a bit about the local flavours.

It isnt a really big place and nothing too fancy at all. Just simple and good indonesian food.

The grilled fish was slightly sweet and smokey.

The noodles portion were not big. Just right I would say but half of what the Aussie portion normally is.

The yummy soup was really good too.

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Will I return? most definitely. It is just good fare. and reasonable prices. and satisfies my cravings.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Note from Mayy...

Good morning everyone. My procrastination ends today on an item that I have had on my to-do list since forever. hahaha. I finally got round to linking Urbanspoon Australia to this blog. And as I was going though all the past posts, I realised I must have messed up on the numbering of the different food finds, closets, and shoestoppers posts. Therefore, I kinda think I will stop numbering them. Oh and, food find posts will soon have a new name!

I really gotta be more organised. Well, here's to a good Tuesday y'all! Its gorgeous weather for us here in Perth xo

Monday, November 19, 2012

mk ootd

I couldn't very well classified this as Mayy's Closet because 95% of this outfit isn't even in my closet.

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So this coral pink bondage dress is really from the sis/mum closet. It is soft and stretchy and the back is not really lined like the front is. For about $10 to $15 at Bugis, i cannot complain too much.

I paired this with the lace Tony Bianco peeptoe kitten heels, sis' goldbronze Gucci bag and mostly black/gold accessories as well.

Wish I had a higher pair of heels but yeah well. it balances out the tight dress I suppose, the kitten heels. Not slutting it up too much hahahaha.

M's Food Find #78

Another wayy overdue post.

This fantastic burger place is along Murray Street, far end of the Perth city.

It looks unassuming but the place was bustling as the young night grew darker.

The waiters were all really hot by the way.


cool. but abit too dimly lit.

My friend's option of the no bun burger.

I found the bun nicely toasted. Soft and crunchy. The patty was very well-flavoured. The cheese was amazing too. Oh boy. it is so good.

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And all washed down with this yummy refreshing cider...

Would I return? YES. Now, it is abit further than most eateries are so the location is absolutely ideal. Would I make the trek? Yups. =)

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