Monday, November 5, 2012

M's Food Find #73

A cuisine that you dont find me blogging about too often. Because I am not really a big fan of it. However, my friends love it and somedays I cave in.

Korean food. And this little place tucked away in the heart of the Shelley/Canning area, well I suppose it may be worth a trip: Phil Bean

Clever storage under the tables.

Some seafood/veg pancake thing - it is as you can tell generous in ingredients and tasted quite alright. I remember thinking I wanted chilli sauce on it.

Eggroll was delicate but nothing too special.

The mapo tofu is very stock standard and something I wouldnt probably order ever. Or anywhere else really because I just dont find it worthwhile.

The hotpot was flavourful and quite worth it. I mean so far the prices are steeper than normal but they are generous in their portions.

Some burger a friend ordered, she must have liked it but honestly, if I wanted burger there are wayy better burger joints out there in Perth! I mean we are in Australia!

I remember liking this hotpot over the other..

Bibimbap, my favourite korean dish. In fact really only thing I eat in this cuisine.

More authentic than the ones in the city because of the stoneware used and the proper eggyolk (instead of a sunny side up). I liked it alot. Very fresh and yummy.

Too salty.

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Saba fish, like any Japanese restaurants. I found this quite standard and one cannot really go wrong. But very difficult to get right. This is just normal. Not exceptional.

Have you been? Do you think it is worth travelling down for? In my opinion, its worth a try but I dont see myself returning often. Maybe because I am not a korean food fan.

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