Wednesday, November 14, 2012

M's Food Find #76

Having blogged about my outfit, I have to also blog about the food that I graced my presence with. I am kidding!

So it was Ku De Ta at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, right on top at level 57. Reservations definitely required. And if you wish to spend the night at the lounge, go ahead because the cover charge is waived for diners.

Oh and the view is pretty spectacular so it would be awesome if you requested to sit outside for dinner. That is, if it isnt pouring which Singapore is prone to do these days. 

We ordered the Yutaka Roll, which had foie gras, scallop and truffle. Sounded so amazing. But the sushi rice was abit too mushy for me. Really not THAT fab. The sweet sauce really makes a difference to the sushi. The roll tastes different with and without the sauce. So make sure you try it both ways to see how you like it.

The place serves up a kind of Japanese fusion food and it really is interesting how they pull all the different inspired ingredients together. But as to how the tastes come up to...well...

Pan seared yellowfin tuna - one has to be a major fan of tuna to take this dish because the fishy taste is quite strong. Otherwise it is done very beautifully. 

And the creamy sauce/mash at the side is yummy and the kaffir lime really kicks it up. My girlfriend loved the sauce so much she asked for more, which they happily obliged. 

We ended the light dinner with the apply and honey tart. which sounds great in theory and looks great, but I didnt quite like it. It was much too icy for me. It is refreshing, yes. But would probably have gone for like a cake or chocolate kinda thing to round it up.

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Nevertheless, it is worth the visit. The price was not ridiculously expensive for such a fine dining kinda place with such a top class view. Whether or not it is for a lifestyle less ordinary, thats up for debate. They didnt quite blow me away my first time.

The club itself is pretty small but great for tourists to come together and have a dance, drink terribly overpriced alcohol and gawk at the view. Am I going back? Probably not. But I am a local...

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